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Spring Eating With A Foodie

Spring Eating With A Foodie

Spring cleaning is such a therapeutic activity. Ever notice you get the same feeling when you clean out your refrigerator? I use a minimalist approach when it comes to food storage in my kitchen. I buy what I’m going to eat and by the end of the week, there is nothing left in my pantry but some bagged popcorn and a few bottles of smartwater®. Planning healthy menus and making a grocery list for the week allows me to avoid impulse buys, minimize food storage and stay focused on eating healthier meals.

With temperatures rising and bathing suit season around the corner, there is no time to be choosing unwholesome foods that will expand your sexy waistline. It seems too easy to eat healthy with all the vibrant fruits and vegetables that are now fresh and available to pick in the garden, get at your local grocery store or pick up at the farmers market. Robins Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party!’” I couldn’t agree more! It’s the big dance for fresh produce and it is time for us to celebrate these bright and refreshing foods that are in season right now.

Apricot • Arugula • Artichokes • Asparagus • Avocados • Beets • Berries • Carrots • Herbs • Fava Beans • Leeks • Mango • Morel Mushrooms • Peas • Pineapple • Potato • Spring onions • Radish • Rhubarb • Spinach • Watercress

When I think of spring foods I think of salads, pesto, fruits or more vegetable-base-type eating. It is the best time to see what your local farms have to offer. Here are a few healthy recipes showcasing some of these delicious foods that are perfect for Easter, Passover, Mother’s Day or any springtime occasion.

Written by Chef Christy- Publisher of Eat Local Together

Strawberry Thyme Shortcake Trifle with Lemon Mascarpone Cream


Carrot Soufflé with Matzo Maple Pecan Crumble


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