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Chocolate Cherry Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Cherry Protein Pancakes

Pancakes and pajamas are a great way to start your day. After his first bite, my husband says “these are the best pancakes I have ever eaten.” Really? These pancakes? Then I cut myself a bite and instantly realized what he meant. They really ARE the best pancakes. You must get a cherry with every bite too.  I personally am more of a savory breakfast eater, but that bite was a party in my mouth. Not to mention everyone’s plates were left clean in a matter of minutes.  


Wait and they have protein? Now I can enjoy eating this delicious, griddled breakfast food without all the guilt. Think Cherry Garcia ice cream meets Keke’s.  My kids like to put real maple syrup on their pancakes and they didn’t even need it with the gooey cherry topping.  That combo of chocolate and cherry is so good, why mess with it? You can even apply that combo in a savory setting like a chocolate rubbed steak or pork tenderloin with a cherry demi-glace. Or a mole sauce and roasted cherries with your meat of choice. Yum!  


I usually buy the Kodiak pancake mix to always have on my pantry shelves for a weekend morning, but this recipe allows me to make bigger batches at a cheaper cost. I used the Trader Joes jarred cherries rather than fresh because I needed the cherry juice for the sauce. They aren’t your typical jarred cherry either. They were more like the cherries you serve with an old-fashioned cocktail.  


These pancakes stack up next to any other pancakes with its easy to make recipe and crowd pleasing moans. So get your flip on and start your guilt free morning with a mouthwatering pancake breakfast that will put a smile on everyone’s face because good pancakes equal happiness.  


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– Recipe provided by Chef Christy Robinson-Costello, Chef + Publisher of Eat.Local.Together

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