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Top Spring Fashion Trends 2022

Top Spring Fashion Trends 2022

As winter begins to bid adieu, it is time to shed heavy winter coats and look forward to the lightweight fashions of spring, and luckily, since the groundhog saw his shadow this year there are a few more extra weeks to curate a killer spring wardrobe.

Sara Young, Gainesville native and owner of popular women’s clothing store Etc. Boutique has been in the business for a long time. In fact, Etc. is preparing to celebrate their 20th year anniversary this April. Naturally, Young knows a thing or two when it comes to tracking seasonal fashion trends. From vibrant colors to versatile accessories, Guide got the inside scoop on how to stay on trend in the upcoming warmer months.

Monochromatic Mood

Head-to-toe monochrome looks first stepped on the scene in 2016. Dressing all in one color creates a chic, aerodynamic look, and Spring runways are indicating that this trend is here to stay at least another year.

There are many ways to follow the monochromatic trend, and according to Young, one fun way is to experiment with different textures and materials.

“I personally love a white-on-white outfit, but taking that monochromatic look and playing with texture, like pairing white denim with a white knitted sweater. You’ve got the same tones happening, but you have texture changes,” Young said. “I think it is a really pretty way to have fun and play with different items and kind of layer in pieces to create something pretty and visually fun to look at.”

Bright and Bold

Say goodbye to pastels and florals for spring and hello to making a statement with bright colors (think neon!) and bold patterns.

“We’re seeing a lot of bright pops of color and bold patterns, which traditionally has been more of a summer trend, spring tends to be a little softer. But this year, we’re seeing brighter colors earlier,” Young said.

Whether it is making a statement in a bright pink, monochrome look or accessorizing a neutral outfit with pops of color, this trend is proving to be a playful way to mix up a typical spring look.

Good As Gold

Over the past few years, gold jewelry has remained an accessory favorite. It is classic, versatile and can instantly make any outfit look chic, and according to Young, gold is going to be hotter than ever this spring.

“This year, we have seen a lot of gold from our designers, especially layering pieces. At Etc. we have a lot of jewelry that mixes gold and stones together and make for great layering options,” she said.

From dainty layering necklaces to chain bracelets and 90s inspired hoops, there is no limit to what can be done with this precious metal (real or fake).

Scarf Sophistication

            Not so fast, it is not time to say goodbye to scarves just yet. Pack away scarves with heavy knit fabrics until next winter in exchange for light and breezy fabrics in vibrant colors.

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“Scarves are really versatile and fun, you can layer with just a t-shirt and jeans, or you can wear it over your shoulders as a wrap over a dress. If you get hot, you can take it off and tie it to the handle of your handbag. They really work well for a lot of different applications,” Young said.





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