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Numbers Dollars and Sense GGM 

Numbers Dollars and Sense GGM 

By: Breanna Gallo 


UF Health Shands 

  1. More than 1,200 UF faculty physicians practice in about 100 specialty and subspecialty medical areas 
  1. UF Health Shands is nationally ranked for 5 adult and 4 pediatric specialties and is rated high performing in 4 adult specialties and 17 procedures and conditions 


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Gainesville 

  1. Since August 22, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer of Gainesville has raised $21,258 for the year 2023 
  1. Their goal is to raise $130,000 by October 21, 2023 


UF College of Nursing 

  1. UF Nursing’s BSN Program is ranked No. 1 in Florida with graduates achieving a passing rate of well above 90% on nursing licensure exams 
  1. Today, there are nearly 11,000 alumni of the College of Nursing practicing in every state and across the globe,Community%20and%20Health%20System%20Science. 



  1. There are 349 hospitals in the state of Florida with 72,088 beds 
  1. The average net patient revenue of all hospitals in Florida is $286.9 million 

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Physician Workforce: 

  1. During the 2021–22 physician survey cycle, 91,269 physicians possessed a license that allowed them to practice in Florida 
  1. Of these practicing physicians, 80,629 indicated that they had renewed their medical licenses in 2021 and 2022 



  1. The U.S. News and World Report ranked the Mediterranean Diet as No. 1 for 2023 
  1. In 2020, the U.S. News and World Report recorded that 68% of Americans tried the Mediterranean Diet based on their own research and 16% started because their doctor recommended it 


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