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Monica Vosilla

Monica Vosilla

Senior Director for Digital Strategy and Operations, University of Florida Advancement 

In 2016, Monica Vosilla was offered an inaugural marketing manager position with UF Health Communications. After much discernment with her friends and family, she left Kansas City where she had been raised, educated and nurtured. The decision to take the leap and start a new chapter, where she did not know anyone, was both exciting and frightening. The move proved to be the twist she needed to reset her path. 

Vosilla found a sweet spot between the art and science of communication that has helped her navigate from student recruitment to enrollment to management to fundraising. With the increasing responsibilities, the ability to learn has kept her motivated.  

Today, she is the director of digital communications for UF Advancement, where she oversees email campaigns and website projects that support philanthropic and alumni engagement.  

Vosilla is also currently enrolled in the business analytics graduate program at UF. Her goal is not necessarily to earn another master’s degree, but to approach analytics more critically. The challenging and humbling course load includes all the classes she wanted to avoid in her earlier educational years. 

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She calls the setbacks and weaknesses she has faced “tough teachers that help us learn humility and wisdom.” The new mother believes fierceness is the drive to elevate goodness in every situation.  

“There are so many twists and turns in life,” Vosilla said. “Some are good, others serve as lessons that add character and shape your definitions of happiness and success.” 

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