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Jessica Vander Biezen

Jessica Vander Biezen

Director of Planning and Design, Sante Fe College 

For Jessica Vander Biezen, every setback is a learning opportunity. Failure has taught her to expand her perspective, get creative and explore other possibilities. Over the years, she has been blessed with amazing mentors who provided guidance and support on her professional journey. 

“We all come across challenges that can deflate you, shake you and make you doubt your abilities,” Vander Biezen said. “Being adaptive and resilient, knowing your strengths and finding creative solutions to those challenges is key.” 

Her goal is to be a lifelong learner. Seventeen years after receiving her bachelor’s degree, Vander Biezen returned to UF to earn her master’s in higher education to learn how to improve the student experience on campus. Later, even though she was a seasoned design professional, she sat for her NCIDQ exam to become a registered interior designer. 

Her role as an adjunct professor with the UF Interior Design department allowed her to share her diverse work experience and industry knowledge. She currently serves on the University of Florida DCP Interior Design Advocacy Board, whose mission is to provide scholarship, mentoring, professional development and networking. 

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Vander Biezen has recently left the private sector to become the new Director of Planning and Design at Santa Fe College. She oversees a department responsible for engaging with the college community and developing projects to support strategic initiatives enhancing student success and promoting institutional excellence. 

She hopes to have an impact by bringing creative flair and strategic vision to transform college spaces into vibrant hubs of inspiration. She is committed to crafting environments that foster community, learning and personal growth. The fierce qualities of inner fire and determination motivate her to keep going. 

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