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Michele Lieberman

Michele Lieberman

County Manager, Alachua County 

In 2018, Michele Lieberman stepped away from two decades of practicing law in general and local government to accept the position of county manager. The dramatic professional change meant she needed to quickly develop a new skill set, while overseeing county operations and over 1,000 employees. In her new role, she was also responsible for implementing the Board of County Commissioners policies and maintaining and ensuring the overall health, safety and welfare of 280,000 citizens. 

Lieberman fiercely assumed the work ethic and confidence needed to serve as chief executive officer of Alachua County. While she had previously been involved in multiple organizations and leadership roles as an attorney, she made the shift from attorney to manager by getting involved in many professional county leadership organizations that perfectly paralleled her new role. She served as president of the Florida Association of County Managers (FACM) and is currently the president-elect of Women of NACO.  

Lieberman is proud of all that has been accomplished in the past six years. She feels she is successful because her team, from assistant managers to laborers, are dedicated public servants who give their all each day for their community.  

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The Stetson University College of Law graduate leads through trust and empowerment. She believes every event in a person’s life impacts their path and that weaknesses discovered are learning opportunities on the journey. 

“Obstacles will arise, but what defines you is how you respond and overcome them,” Lieberman said. “Giving people the latitude to make decisions, trusting their abilities and allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them, are the seeds of success.” 

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