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Nina Grayson

Nina Grayson

President and Founder, Girls Can Do IT Too, Inc. 

Nina Grayson defines fierce as an unyielding strength and determination, combined with a passionate and empowered spirit. She feels it is embracing your authenticity, standing tall in the face of challenges and expressing your unique qualities with boldness and confidence. Grayson views a fierce woman as someone who fearlessly pursues her goals, advocates for herself and others, while radiating a powerful energy that inspires. 

Grayson served in the military in Afghanistan. She, along with other female comrades in the platoon, faced the challenge of dispelling stereotypes and proving their capabilities to their male counterparts. They performed their duties with excellence, often exceeding expectations. Through perseverance and competence, they earned the respect of their peers. 

As a young girl, Grayson encountered trauma that led to unforeseen challenges and significant setbacks. She sought mentorship, engaged in continuous learning and embraced feedback as valuable methods for improvement. She gained confidence and felt equipped with the tools needed to face future challenges.  

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Today, Grayson is the visionary leader behind a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and empowering girls who have endured trauma. Through Girls Can Do IT Too, she is committed to fostering resilience and positive transformation in young lives.  

“I am passionate about being a voice for the voiceless, particularly for those who find it difficult, or are afraid to speak up for themselves,” she said. “My primary goal is to advocate for their rights and empower them to find their own voices in a world that often silences them.” 

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