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Cynthia Curry

Cynthia Curry

City Manager, City of Gainesville  

Cynthia W. Curry is a driven producer of great work and generous deeds. Growing up she wanted to pursue a career in government to lead people and improve communities. Curry started out in elementary school (1965) as one of the first black students to integrate Putnam County, Florida public schools. In high school, as student government president, she fueled her interest in public service and never stopped seeking opportunities that allowed her to accomplish that goal. 

Curry was the first black female assistant county manager in Miami-Dade County, Florida. She was appointed Hurricane Andrew Recovery Administrator and State Oversite Board Member for the City of Miami by the late Governor Lawton Chiles. 

Curry was also the first female president and female recipient of the National Forum of Black Public Administrators Marks of Excellence Award for establishing a professional development program with colleges and universities and a mentor program for young aspiring public administrators. She has served as Senior Vice-President at both Florida International University and Florida Memorial University in Miami, Florida. She is recognized across the county as a high performing, impactful leader. 

Today, Curry is the City of Gainesville’s lead executive, appointed by the city commission. As city manager, she is responsible for implementing policy, programs and services for nearly 1,500 community builders, serving a population of more than 145,000. 

She credits her success to being unafraid to challenge the status quo, unaccepting of failure and maintaining relentless goal-oriented energy that drives positive change. 

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The females in her family were instrumental in shaping her pattern of fierceness and she is passionate about nurturing young women to shed phantom self-doubt and allow their talents to shine. 

“I am unapologetically me,” Curry said. “I encourage others to drop the insecurities that inhibit authentic expression of purpose. If you are intelligent, articulate and skilled in some special way, don’t melt into something else.” 

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