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Michele Lee

Michele Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Optimal Station 

Michele Lee believes you must have faith, compassion and empathy in order to be a formidable force of positive influence and leadership. She feels strength is learned from overcoming challenges that foster a resilient spirit with each hurdle.  

As the chief executive officer of Optimal Station, Lee’s responsibility is to provide vision and set strategic direction, while implementing a positive working environment for her team. She is committed to leading the smart vending machine supply company through innovation, driving adaptability and growth in the industry. Her people-first perspective has set her organization apart from the rest in the industry.  

Launching the first-of-its-kind Good Life Station amidst the challenges of a declining economic environment was a huge risk. The commitment to create a solution to bring the community together and draw visitors has kept the visionary motivated despite obstacles.  

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Lee’s relentless pursuit of excellence, ability to turn challenges into opportunities, commitment to empowering others and impactful contributions to the community have defined her career. She is dedicated to demonstrating through action the courage it takes to be fierce. She mentors and provides support to other women so they can pursue their ambitions and overcome challenges. 

“This path is illuminated by the flames of determination, sparking creativity and innovation,” she said. “In this journey, weaknesses are not just overcome, but transformed into the very strengths that define and empower us, creating a tapestry of experiences that is both uniquely ours and universally inspiring.” 

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