One may think of the Greater Gainesville area as another college town full of young students who just party all the time. While many in the university don’t go beyond the friendly confines of campus life, there is much more to our cozy area than meets the initial eye.

After branching out in the area, you will find numerous off-road biking, hiking, and walking trails surrounded by plenty of trees and peaceful paths.

The best part of Greater Gainesville is the hopping exercise scene. Driving around, you’ll constantly see people walking, running, and biking by themselves and in groups of friends.

That being said, the region is bustling with numerous gyms that fit every and any lifestyle. From smaller CrossFit-based gyms such as Gator Fitness & Training, Home of Gator CrossFit, to large gyms like Gainesville Health & Fitness Centers and the many other fitness facilities, there truly is a place to make anyone feel welcome.

Gainesville has been voted one of the very best to live in the country, and there is something to be said about how the fitness community helps keep people healthy, fit and vibrant well beyond the college campus.

Come on and join us, we’ll make you smile with a healthy outlook on your life!

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