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Shaping Gainesville’s Future through Community and Opportunity  

Shaping Gainesville’s Future through Community and Opportunity  

By Celia Goodyear  

Gainesville-based company Charles Perry Partners, Inc. has been around for nearly 60 years. Today, CPPI remains focused on its founder’s commitment to fostering community, while maintaining a fervent dedication to education, innovation and inclusion.  


Charles R. “Chuck” Perry founded CPPI in February 1968, bringing Gainesville some of its most lasting and iconic buildings, like the Downtown Public Library, the Florida Farm Bureau and the Alachua County Courthouse. The skylines of both the University of Florida and Santa Fe College campuses are woven with more than 100 major projects completed by CPPI. “Chuck started this company with a clear purpose: to serve the needs of the Gainesville community. Today, almost six decades later, CPPI’s goal remains the same,” said CPPI Chairman Breck Weingart. “With unwavering dedication, we continue to strive for positive change, shaping the future of Gainesville one project at a time.”  


The University of Florida and the Gainesville community have long been innovators in education and in translating research done on campus to the products and technologies that change lives. Recognizing the need to harness this innovation, and to help better translate it to commercialization, the University completed the Innovation Hub in 2011. In 2017, the facility was expanded to create UF Innovate, one of the southeast region’s largest university-based business incubators. CPPI was fortunate to bring UF Innovate to life and continues to partner with public and private sector clients throughout Gainesville and across the state, delivering spaces that allow entrepreneurship and innovation to thrive.  

CPPI has brought this same spirit of innovation to the healthcare market. In the north central Florida region alone, it has made a lasting impact on patient-centered healthcare through projects like the Ocala Neighborhood Hospital, 23-Hour Unit at the Florida Surgery Center and The Oaks Clinic for UF Health. CPPI has also completed all major renovations and expansions at the campus of North Florida Regional Medical Center, seven regional freestanding emergency department projects, and most recently broke ground on the new HCA Florida Gainesville Hospital.  

A common thread that runs through CPPI’s history is the long-standing relationships that have been forged in the community with clients, architects and trade partners. This legacy was established by Chuck and remains a top priority within the company.  


Perry’s visionary leadership had a huge influence on the advancement of local construction crafts and trades education. He played a key role in developing the construction education programs at both the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, where the CPPI team frequently offers guest lectures.  

This type of collaboration provides meaningful opportunities to share industry insights, practical knowledge and innovative practices with the next generation of trade professionals. But it goes beyond instruction – it includes creating instructional spaces for the next generation of construction professionals. In 2009, CPPI completed the Charles R. Perry Construction Institute at Santa Fe College’s School of Construction, a testament to honoring Mr. Perry’s legacy and expanding educational opportunities in the region. The Perry Institute is also where the construction of many Gainesville Habitat for Humanity houses get their start, a program in which CPPI proudly participates and supports. Continuing the theme of giving back through time and insight, CPPI is a legacy partner and supporter of the University of Florida’s Mentor – Protégé Program.  

“Stewardship isn’t just a core value at CPPI that’s emblazoned on a plaque, it is something intangible that gives us all a profound sense of purpose,” said CPPI Vice President/Regional Manager of the Gainesville Region Bryan Harrington. “Being able to invest back into the communities in which we work is truly rewarding.”  

Perhaps no one embodies that value of stewardship more than Nancy Perry. She continues to be active in the community through her work with the Education Foundation, Take Stock in Children and the Community Foundation of North Florida. She serves as an advocate for the building trades and consistently helps to connect those in need with those willing and able to help.  

“Seeing the company my husband founded continue his philanthropic work and strong sense of community warms my heart. It’s a beautiful testament to his values,” said Nancy.  

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For years, construction has been a male-dominated industry. Perry believed strongly that character and integrity mattered far more than the physical make-up of an individual. As such, CPPI has been and continues to focus on those values. As a result, over 22% of its workforce is comprised of women, more than double the industry average of 10.8%.  

“This achievement reflects CPPI’s dedication to fostering an inclusive environment, where talent thrives regardless of gender,” said CPPI Vice President of Healthcare Development Corie Patton.  

As the title sponsor for this year’s Fierce Awards, CPPI is proud to support and celebrate the resilience, empowerment and influence of exceptional women in the Greater Gainesville community.  

CPPI President Brian Leslie is adamant about it. “Uplifting women’s voices is crucial to fighting gender disparities in leadership positions and driving social change,” he said.  

“I am proud to be part of a company that supports women in the construction industry and helps them grow into the leaders that tomorrow’s generation will look up to,” said Corie Patton. 

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