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Stevie Doyle

Stevie Doyle

Executive Director, Alachua Habitat for Humanity 

Stevie Doyle’s journey as a fierce woman underscores the belief that consistent acts of kindness, fueled by faith and integrity, can collectively create a ripple effect of positive changes in the world. She works hard to create a life that aligns with her values, while encouraging others to do the same. 

During her tenure with the American Cancer Society, Doyle identified a crucial need for a fundraising event dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness and played a key role in the inaugural Rose Gala.   

As the executive director of Alachua Habitat for Humanity, her leadership style does not shy away from taking risks, making tough decisions and standing up for what is right– even when it is not the easiest path. She has an unwavering passion for the families the nonprofit serves. 

Dolye is proud of her organization’s commitment to making a tangible impact on affordable housing in the community. She watches these families undergo a profound and lasting transformation through home ownership. The impact ripples through generations, underscoring the enduring significance of their work. 

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“We foster a sense of stability, hope and empowerment,” Doyle said. “Together we are not just building homes, we are promoting positive changes that will reverberate through the community for years to come.” 

Her advice to other women starting their careers is to embrace boldness, fearlessly take on new challenges and never lose the innate desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.  

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