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Dayna Miller

Dayna Miller

Director of Government Affairs, Waste Pro of Florida, Inc. and City Commissioner, City of Alachua  

As director of government affairs for Waste Pro in North Florida and a current city commissioner for the City of Alachua, Dayna Miller is committed to community involvement and outreach. 

She began her career in the environmental industry in commercial and construction sales before being promoted to become the first regional director of government affairs for Waste Pro. Through hard work and determination, Miller has built a successful career in a male-dominated field, with her professional achievements exemplifying the new and different ideas women bring to the industry. 

Miller’s career with Waste Pro is not the first time her grit and determination have led her to success. When she became a mother at a young age, she missed out on the traditional college experience, instead learning from the school of life. “Every time a mountain was placed in my path, I found any means possible to get to the other side.” Miller said, “If going over it or under it doesn’t work, try blasting a tunnel through it.” 

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Miller’s career accomplishments are matched by her record of civic engagement. She credits an early experience as United States Senate Page for Connecticut Senator Lowell Weicker as sparking her political aspirations. Today, in addition to her role as city commissioner for the City of Alachua, Miller is also district deputy for Northeast Florida Elks, a board member for Recycle Florida Today, president-elect for Kiwanis of Sante Fe, and founding board member for the non-profit Josh’s Place. She previously served as president of the Gainesville Elks Lodge and the Alachua Lions Club. 

Miller believes being “fierce” means being willing to stand strong in your own principles. She encourages others to be bold and unapologetic for what they believe in. 

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