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Michelle (Shelley) Vickers 

Michelle (Shelley) Vickers 

Client and Community Relations, Scherer Construction  

Michelle “Shelley” Vickers is a dynamic leader in the construction industry, making significant strides in Alachua and its surrounding areas. With early exposure to the field through her contractor father, Shelley’s career began at a lumber yard and evolved through roles in HVAC coordination, utility customer service, electrical operations and construction management. Now, as the head of client and community relations and marketing at Scherer Construction, she sets new standards in the industry with her straightforward, confident and continuous learning approach. 

Shelley’s commitment extends beyond her professional life. She serves on the boards of the Alachua Chamber of Commerce, Builders Association of North Central Florida, Junior Achievement of Alachua County and the Gainesville Area Women’s Network. Her partnerships with the University of Florida, the City of Gainesville and Take Stock in Children highlight her dedication to community service. She is also a community advocate for many other local organizations. As a key event coordinator, Shelley’s networking skills and approachable demeanor make her a pillar of the community. 

Her most profound and personal impact, however, is reflected in her role as a mother. A single mom, Shelley takes great pride in her daughter’s emerging leadership and community involvement, influenced heavily by her own dedication to community service. Each day, she explains the ‘why’ behind her actions to her daughter, fostering a sense of purpose and responsibility. Witnessing her daughter step out of her comfort zone and actively contribute to the community, Shelley feels a profound sense of accomplishment. 

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Shelley’s intense, passionate leadership style, always accompanied by a smile, inspires other women in her community to lead and give back. Her dedication to both her profession and community exemplifies how one can create lasting impacts, making her a true role model, showing others to embrace their own fierceness. 

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