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Jane Kupfer

Jane Kupfer

Director of Shelter Services, GRACE Marketplace  

Jane Kupfer has always held a desire to make a lasting impact on the world, envisioning a society and community where everyone can thrive. Inspired by one of her role models, Dorothy Day—a journalist and political activist renowned for her advocacy for the poor — Jane transitioned from a corporate career to the nonprofit sector, driven by a commitment to end homelessness and contribute to a cause greater than herself. 

Kupfer serves as the director of shelter services at GRACE Marketplace, one of the largest low-barrier shelters in the country. In her role at GRACE, she oversees the daily operations of the GRACE Campus and Emergency Shelter. She spearheads initiatives aimed at enhancing efficiency and wellbeing for dozens of staff members who report to her. Kupfer’s job is focused on streamlining access to vital resources and ensuring the GRACE Campus is a safe and welcoming environment for the hundreds of people experiencing homelessness who rely on its services each day. Her passion is rooted in the belief that every individual deserves respect and dignity, and she endeavors to foster personal connections with shelter guests, taking the time to listen to their stories and address their needs on a human level. 

As a native of Gainesville, Kupfer considers it both a privilege and a calling to serve some of the most vulnerable members of her community. Balancing her professional responsibilities with the adventures of being a single mom to her 7-year-old daughter, Kupfer is raising a FIERCE little girl who is strong, bold, confident and curious. She imparts to her daughter—and to all young women—the importance of embracing their inner strength and passions. 

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“Remember who you are, how strong you are and what you are capable of,” she said. “When women recognize that our passions are the key to finding our purpose, and what ultimately makes us feel alive, they become unstoppable.” 

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