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Debbie Frederick

Debbie Frederick

Chief Operating Officer, University Air Center 

Debbie Frederick has seen more than her share of challenges but refuses to be a victim or let disappointments define her. Those tough experiences helped her realize her strength and shaped the fierce person she is today. 

Frederick embraces living in gratitude and knows that mindset gives the toughest trials tangible meaning. The empathy she has gained always pushes her to seek ways to lift others up. 

Frederick is the lead advisor for Chi Omega at University of Florida where she guides and mentors 287 college women. Her responsibilities include helping the sorority leaders learn to problem solve and negotiate. Her most fulfilling role there is supporting these young women as they figure out their true value. 

She is heavily involved in Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, spending three years on their leadership team and fostering more than 20 dogs. Frederick works with mill surrenders, behavior challenges, assists with transports and recently joined the Hearts of Gold therapy dog team. She loves seeing animals that come from sadness get the life of love and safety they deserve. 

As chief operating officer of University Air Center, Frederick adopts the “leading-without-power” mindset. She prefers to position herself on the bottom of an inverted pyramid, working to support her team. 

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Making an impact, both personally and professionally, is her primary driver. 

“My heart is full when I promote a protégé or see a rescue dog’s tail wagging with confidence or offer someone in need a shoulder to cry on,” she said. “Fierce is getting up when you fall and helping others when they stumble.” 

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