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Community Cities: Newberry

Community Cities: Newberry

The City of Newberry


City Website:

Population: 8,059

City Hall Address: 25440 W Newberry Road, Newberry, FL 32669

Mayor: Jordan Marlowe

Contact: (352) 472-2161


For those in search of a quaint town, loaded with charm and conveniently nestled in the heart of Florida, look no further than Newberry. Located in Alachua County and known as one of the best places to live in the Sunshine State, Newberry is a vibrant community featuring excellent shopping and dining, as well as a business-friendly city hall.

The Community

Newberry, Mayberry; Tomayto, Tomahto: It is an understandable mistake. The fictional Mayberry, North Carolina from the Andy Griffith show, is a small town, loaded with charm where all the neighbors knew each other, complete with a popular barber and a beloved sheriff.

Newberry, Florida is a small town, loaded with charm, small enough so that neighbors know each other. Jordan Marlowe, the mayor of Newberry, may be the town’s biggest cheerleader.

“When I think about small towns, I think about Newberry and Mayberry,” said Marlowe. “I think there are a lot of similarities. We all know each other’s names. We all look out for each other’s kids. If you want to be a part of the community, you’re absolutely welcome.”

Newberry even has an old-fashioned, one-seat barbershop — but the barber’s name is not Floyd, “his name is Mike Tyson, if you can believe that,” Marlowe said with a laugh. “He’s a great guy. You can get your hair cut and hear about everything that’s going on in town if you sit there for ten minutes.”

While the pace of Newberry may be gentler than Miami or Jacksonville, the area provides a wide variety of activities. When offered the position of Director of Planning and Economic Development at the City of Newberry, Bryan Thomas was told that it was a sleepy little town, perfect for retirement.

“Newberry is not a sleepy little town by any stretch of the imagination,” said Thomas. “This town has got more going for it than any place like it this size. We’re the farthest thing from a sleepy town, which is great because I don’t like slow. I like a lot of activity. We have so many projects going, it’s wonderful.”

The history, the Phosphate Boom

Founded in the late 19th century, Newberry’s founders were farmers and workers in the timber industry. They discovered a narrow vein of “hard-rock phosphate” in the 1880s and soon mining companies and prospectors bought up the land.

Newberry grew overnight as people migrated to find their fortune working in the mining industry. Resembling a gold rush town from the wild west, it soon became a thriving hub with drug stores, barbers, hotels, pool halls and even an opera house. In 1893, Henry Plant extended his Savannah, Florida and Western Railroad Line from High Springs to Archer, and established Newberry the following year as a railroad stop and trading center.

Today, a Hidden Gem

“We have a wonderful historic district, but it’s the friendly people that make this town great,” said Thomas. “We’ve had situations where somebody who’s new to town that nobody even knows will break down on the side of the road. Everybody’s pulling over to help them.”

Mayor Marlowe agrees with Thomas. “We are blessed to live in a community that has a lot of organizations that focus their time and energy, blood, sweat and tears on helping each other.”

From the Newberry Lions Club to the Newberry Garden Club and school organizations that give back to the community, Newberry is a neighborly place to call home.

“If we know of somebody in need, we can find folks to come together and address that need. What’s special about our community is that we figure out a way to come together,” said Marlowe. “Not just in the good times like when we’re winning state baseball championships, but also in the bad times when we’re grieving or when we’re hurting. No matter what, we’re looking out for each other.”



Notable Newberry

Well known for its fabulous festivals, shopping and dining, Newberry features many activities.


  • Champions Park and the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex:

Newberry has two of the largest baseball and softball tournament facilities in the country.

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See Also

  • Easton Newberry Archery Center:

This facility features a large archery competition complex and various training programs.

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  • Gatorback Cycle Park:

Another popular Newberry activity is the off-road motorcycle riding park.

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History and Culture

  • The Newberry Historic District:

A charming 400-acre area that contains 48 historic buildings.

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  • The Little Red Schoolhouse:

Built in 1909, it is a now museum and city government office.

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  • Dudley Farm Historic State Park:

A popular Newberry attraction, this park is a museum and historic district that is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Experience what life was like for the Dudley family in the pioneer days of the 1850s. See the staff do daily chores, tend to livestock and raise crops. Visit during the Fall Farm and Cane Festival in December and experience sugar cane farming.

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  • The Town of Tioga:

Located in Newberry is the Town of Tioga, a modern town featuring gorgeous homes, premier shopping and restaurants. The Tioga Town Center hosts events for people of all ages such as concert series, and the Annual Holiday Festival and Tree Lighting in December.

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