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Community Cities: Waldo

Community Cities: Waldo


Mayor: Louie Davis

City Manager: Kim Worley

City Website:

City Hall Address: 14450 N.E. 148th Ave., Waldo


Waldo was once a popular winter destination for travelers passing through by train. Today, it is now a quiet town with a mix of small businesses and farms, known for its natural and outdoor attractions.


Lake Alto, a highlight for those train passengers of the past, continues to attract visitors thanks to the support of the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) grant and the Wild Spaces Public Places Dollars. Beautiful views of the lake can be enjoyed from the dock and the 662-acre Lake Alto Preserve, which offers nearly five miles of natural trails, is available for exploration.


For those seeking excitement, Waldo Motorsports offers thrilling activities, with a motocross track and a straight rhythm track, along with camping facilities. Nearby, the Dixieland RV Park provides a delightful place to stay. For the beach lovers, both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are just an hour’s drive away from Waldo.


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Curious about Waldo’s past? Take a glimpse into its history by visiting the Antique Village or stopping by the Waldo Historical Railroad Museum. The museum features a red caboose, serving as a vibrant reminder of Waldo’s heritage. The town’s weekly farmers and flea market is a longstanding community tradition and is considered the largest in North Central Florida, having been held for over 40 years. Be sure to look for the big chair- and the windmill.

Waldo’s combination of natural beauty, outdoor activities, historical sites, and community traditions offers visitors a unique and diverse experience in this quiet town in Alachua County, Florida.



Parks in Waldo

  • Waldo City Park
  • Treefrog Trail
  • Lake Alto Park

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