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Gainesville – a Collage Town 

Gainesville – a Collage Town 

 If a single picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how much a mural wall has to say. 

By Ryan Walsh 

Greater Gainesville is an artistic hub. Its music scene has spawned the likes of Tom Petty, Stephen Stills and five other artists who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Venues like the Hippodrome put on timeless plays and dramas year-round. The Harn Museum of Art has been celebrating, and inspiring through, modern art for more than 30 years.  

The last decade has seen the rise of a new form of artistic expression – the mural wall.  

Made famous in cities like Austin, Nashville and Portland, the mural wall has become the de facto selfie spot for residents and tourists looking to capture the town. GG is home to a growing number of unique and photo-worthy murals for all types and occasions.  

“Many of the murals around our community provide an opportunity to take that selfie next to something that uplifts our local artists,” said Gainesville-based photographer Brianne Lehan. “They bring vibrant personality and even deep meaning to our shared spaces.” 

This list explores some of Greater Gainesville’s most popular. 

For the One-Day-in-Gainesville Tourist: 

Here for a good time, just not a long time? Check out these must-see photo-op spots to share with friends and followers alike. 

See Also

  1. The Gainesville Graffiti Wall – Perhaps the most famous is the Gainesville Graffiti Wall on 34th Street. More of a mural of murals, this ever-changing stretch of art is 1,120 feet of history, overlapping and changing often. Not only is this a great spot to explore, but each visit itself is unique – the next time may just provide an entirely new set of selfie opportunities.  
  1. 1122 West University Avenue – This famous, nameless mural is well known to University of Florida students due to its proximity to campus. The painting, depicting a laidback alligator tugging on the jersey of a Georgia Bulldog, is a not-so-subtle nod to fans of Gator football. Rooting for the orange and blue? Show your pride with a photo here. 

For the Cute Solo Shot on Instagram: 

  1. Lubee Bat Conservancy – From artist Samm Wehman, this spot celebrates one of GG’s favorite flying mammals. The portrait, featuring two extended bat wings, lets selfie-takers spread their arms and fly. The Lubee Bat Conservancy is located at 1309 NW 192nd Ave. 

For the Dog Lover: 

  1. Alachua County Animal Resources – Artist Ari Uberti, a muralist responsible for several creations across GG, painted a very special one for ACAR. Upon adopting a new canine companion, take that first family photo in front of this mural, which features a colorful collection of pups and the words ‘Let’s Go Home’ scrawled above. This mural at ACAR is located at 3400 NE 53rd Ave in Gainesville.  

For Those Interested in the Surreal: 

  1. Market Street Pub Wall – From the fascinating minds of Ukrainian art duo Interesni Kazki comes one of Gainesville’s most mind-bending murals. The work, a surrealist painting featuring a flying eyeball, a stairway with pants and a monkey with a book on his head, is too unique not to use as a backdrop. This piece was part of the 352walls/Urban Art Initiative that started in 2015.  

A quick stroll nearly anywhere in Greater Gainesville is almost certain to turn up one impressive piece of street art or another. These creative, singular and often fleeting masterpieces make for some of the most interesting selfie spots in town. 

“As a photographer, I love the shapes and color blocking that murals can bring to portraits, and I adore the messages that some of them include as well,” Lehan said. “Capturing a photo in front of one of the murals gives you pause to truly see these works and even start to notice them around town more.” 

Go out there, snag up those pictures, and share in the artistry that makes Greater Gainesville so special.  

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