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Startup Spotlight: Slice Engineering

Startup Spotlight: Slice Engineering

Imagine 3D printing a body part for a major organ transplant surgery to save a person’s life. The backgrounds of both co-founders, Daniel Barousse and Chris Montgomery, have been influenced by this incredible technology. Their curiosity and insights into creating a better and more dynamic 3D printing experience for their clients were the geneses of Slice Engineering.


Montgomery and Barousse worked together initially at RTI Surgical, a medical technology company in Alachua, Florida. Montgomery found a developmental need for the 3D printing of high-temperature thermoplastic: a type of polymer that could be printed at higher temperatures.


Their work with RTI showed that the market needed a solution for printing vital components from this high-temperature thermoplastic quickly and efficiently, better than anyone else could do so at the time. Barousse acknowledges they are on the vanguard of realizing that these 3D printer manufacturers will need high-quality suppliers as the industry grows. That is where Slice Engineering comes in to really push the limits.

Barousse describes his fledgling company as an internationally recognized, award-winning team of engineers pushing the boundaries of thermodynamics so people can (3D) print their dreams. This accurately describes a company that jumped into the polymer-extrusion-based 3D printing scene in 2017, receiving accolades within their field.


Recognizing these efforts and continued growth, the State of Florida manufacturer’s association, FloridaMakes, named Slice Engineering a Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence winner and a Top 50 Florida Company to Watch. In 2021, the 3D Printing Industry named Slice Engineering the Global Startup of the Year, and the Top Additive Manufacturing Companies by Manufacturing Outlook (2021).


All of those accolades are great, but Barousse stresses what keeps the team motivated every day is helping customers achieve their goals using additive manufacturing (3D printing), whether that means launching a patient-specific medical device, rapidly repairing a mission-critical part in a war zone, improving the safety of bicyclists with new helmet technology, or simply making a bespoke fun toy for their kids.


Barousse loved building things, starting with LEGOs as a kid, which led to a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Florida, then a medical device manufacturing, research and development career. The medical device industry taught Barousse that people matter more than systems. Still, both are needed to build a high-functioning team.


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Slice Engineering works with world-class organizations like the United States Navy, NASA, Oak Ridge National Lab, GE Healthcare, Merck Pharmaceuticals, and numerous research universities, small businesses, and consumers worldwide.


Co-founder Chris Montgomery is a licensed Professional Engineer in Florida and an ASME GD&T Senior Professional creating seven product patents under the Slice Engineering name. Montgomery loves this community and feels it is a fountain of talented, achieving people and stresses they are excited about the opportunity for the company to grow and employ more people in Gainesville after all the area has provided for Slice Engineering.


As for the clever logo of a slice of orange, the two co-founders note they are a proud Florida company that wanted to incorporate elements of Florida into Slice Engineering‘s branding and culture.


By Deborah Holmen, M.Ed., NBCT. 

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