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Numbers Dollars & Sense: February 

Numbers Dollars & Sense: February 

Breanna Gallo 

UF Arts 

  1. The University of Florida has 5 colleges that host arts programs 
  1. These colleges offer over 40 degrees in the arts

Arts, Culture and Humanities 

  1. There are 148 arts, culture and humanities organizations in Greater Gainesville 
  1. Annually, these organizations bring in over $16 million in revenue

Dance and Theatre 

  1. There are 9 theatres in Greater Gainesville that employ nearly 120 people and bring in over $2 million in revenue 
  1. There are 6 dance organizations in Greater Gainesville that bring in over $790,000 in revenue

Street Art 

  1. There are 13 murals located in the city of Gainesville, created by artists from around the world  
  1. The 34th Street graffiti wall is 1,120 feet long, with some areas consisting of over 250 layers of paint


  1. There are more than 10 music venues in Greater Gainesville  
  1. Gainesville has produced 8 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians

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Museums and Art Galleries 

  1. There are 11 museums in Greater Gainesville 
  1. There are 8 art galleries in Greater Gainesville

Florida Museum of Natural History 

  1. The Florida Museum of Natural History houses more than 40 million specimens and artifacts 
  1. The Department of Natural History at the Florida Museum of Natural History has 31 faculty-curators, 22 collections managers, over 100 graduate students, 21 postdoctoral researchers and over 150 undergraduate students

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