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Spring Cleaning for Better Mental Health

Spring Cleaning for Better Mental Health

It is that time of year again –– spring cleaning. This annual ritual of decluttering and deep cleaning the house can positively impact overall mental health.

It is common knowledge that a clean and organized home can help reduce stress. However, spring cleaning takes this idea a step further. According to Angela Betancourt of Simplify Home Organizing, it is not just about scrubbing and tidying, but rather evaluating our possessions and letting go of those things that no longer serve their purpose.

“I teach my clients how to shift their perspective on how to live and exist in the world and how to have the things they need and want by keeping things organized with purpose,” Betancourt said. “My clients learn to clear out the old energies and intentionally clear their space for better health.”


Emotional Cleanse

For many, possessions are a way to hold onto memories and emotions. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Clutter can often be a reminder of the past, which can bring up negative emotions such as guilt and regret.

Negative emotions can be consciously released by taking the time to do a thorough spring clean. There is freedom in removing the things that no longer serve their purpose to make room for new ideas, experiences and opportunities.


Empowering Self-care

Spring cleaning can also be a great way to practice self-care. Organizing and decluttering can reduce stress, creating a more relaxing environment. This can be done with something as simple as reorganizing closets and drawers or as involved as sorting through a lifetime of possessions.

Betancourt is also a Functional Health and Happiness Coach. She specializes in helping overwhelmed women find more clarity, power, connection and joy in every area of their lives.

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Betancourt believes that transformation occurs when someone is both physically and energetically ready. Like all teachable skills, organizing can be an empowering way to help her clients manage possessions in their homes differently.


Greater Gainesville Businesses Catering to a Home Edit

  • Simplify Home Organization Solutions: Angela Betancourt’s innovative female-owned home organization service helps clients declutter, reorganize and streamline their homes for maximum efficiency. She also offers personal coaching.
  • Two Maids and A Mop of Gainesville: This trusted team of maids offers various services, from basic housekeeping to seasonal deep cleaning.
  • The Organized Couple: This concierge unpacking and home organization services proudly serves South and North Central Florida.
  • A Beautiful Touch Cleaning: This female duo team offers excellent cleaning services in Greater Gainesville for everything from homes to schools, churches, medical facilities, office buildings and more.
  • Dust Bunnies: This locally owned business offers a wide range of cleaning services, from basic housekeeping to deep cleaning and commercial services.
  • All Clean Gainesville: This professional cleaning service offers everything from deep cleaning and move-in or move-out cleans to post-construction cleanup and recurring services.


Donate Well-loved Possessions for a Cause

  • Humane Society of North Central Florida Thrift Stores: The thrift store is located on the southeast corner of the HSNCF North Campus at 4205 N.W. 6th St. in Gainesville. All sales from the thrift store go directly toward life-saving efforts for rescue animals.
  • CHS Upscale Thrift Shop: All proceeds directly benefit the Children’s Home Society of Florida’s services and solutions that empower families to raise children to realize their full potential.


By Deborah Holmen, M.Ed., NBCT. 

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