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Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

Owner, The Miller Elder Law Firm 

Shannon Miller was instrumental in creating laws, educating and informing seniors across the state and the United States about stopping financial exploitation. Now her focus shifts to “aging better.” 

Shannon and her team continue to learn, grow and create new pathways to aging gracefully, “fiercely.” 

As the founder and visionary of The Miller Elder Law Firm, this prominent elder law attorney has a vision for aging and living life more fully as we age. She is fiercely dedicated to supporting the community and her clients as they navigate illness and end-of-life with dignity, comfort and freedom from unnecessary suffering. 

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Her role extends outside of North Central Florida as she advocates for issues that affect vulnerable adults across the state. The vice chair of the elder law section of the Florida Bar was instrumental in creating state laws against exploitation, some of the best in the country. She speaks publicly across the United States to attorneys and judges to help them understand how they can build better laws to protect the elderly. 

“I am laser-focused on our purpose of improving the lives of people as they age,” Miller said. “I am passionate about growing, expanding and making life better for our seniors.” 

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