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Know Your Neighbor: Courtney Candow

Know Your Neighbor: Courtney Candow

KYN: Courtney Candow 

HCA Florida North Florida Hospital Board Certified Lactation Consultant  

By: Jennifer Kennedy  


Courtney Candow’s passion for providing breastfeeding support stems from her own difficulties nursing her first baby. As a 20-year-old new mother she had no idea how difficult the process could be.  

“Everything that could go wrong, went wrong,” she said. “I really struggled, and no one knew how to help me.”  

Divine Career Inspiration 

Shortly before Candow and her newborn son, Jayden, were discharged, a lactation consultant visited her room at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital in Gainesville. 

 “I swear she had angel wings,” Candow said.  

She recalls how her prayers for help were answered and she was able to feed her son as she desired. The consultant helped guide her through breast engorgement and lactation challenges. The session was so impactful that she still remembers the consultant’s name and appearance 15 years later.  

At the time, Candow was studying to be a Sonographer, but the experience caused her to pivot her career aspirations.  

She became certified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2015. The married mother of two has been providing breastfeeding guidance for HCA Florida North Florida Hospital ever since.   

Support for New Parents 

When Candow gave birth to her second son, Westin, she was armed with a wealth of breastfeeding knowledge and successfully nursed him for 16 months.  

Today, her sons are in middle school and high school, but she recently celebrated a new family milestone. Candow had the honor of helping her stepdaughter, Natalie, learn how to breastfeed. 

The Ocala resident strongly encourages new moms to request a visit with a lactation consultant. She also recommends all new parents seek support through playgroups, online communities or classes and events at local hospitals.  

Candow enjoys helping with the new moms’ luncheon every Tuesday at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital. The meeting is designed for mothers with infants ages two weeks to 12 weeks old that gave birth at the hospital to gather, share experiences, listen to guest speakers, make friends and ask questions. Lactation consultants are available to provide breastfeeding guidance.  

 “We provide education to allow parents to make informed decisions and guidance to help them accomplish their feeding goals,” Candow said, “I’m so fortunate to be able to give back and do something I am passionate about.” 


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