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Infotech Spotlight

Infotech Spotlight

An Infotech Story

Not many companies have led two industries for 40+ years – but then again, not many have been around for 40 years in the first place. An anomaly in a particular set of data sparked the idea that led one University of Florida professor down an unexpected path. It was one that would eventually create a new industry and build a company founded on a shared commitment to putting people first by treating people right. It was a journey that started in a garage and wound up in a state-of-the-art headquarters in Celebration Pointe here in Gainesville.

Infotech began when the founders, Dr. Jim McClave and Dr. Tom Rothrock, combined their expertise in statistics and technology to detect bid-rigging. Using statistical analysis in the pursuit of justice was the first in a long line of trailblazing endeavors. Since then, Infotech has grown to include two businesses: Infotech Consulting and Infotech Systems. The Systems and Consulting businesses may be distinct, but they are united by the dual spirit of integrity and innovation present since Infotech’s founding. Sometimes that means sifting out the truth through mountains of complex data. And sometimes it means literally helping companies break ground with Infotech’s construction project management software.

Infotech recognizes that innovation is a people business and they place immense focus on investing in both their people internally and their customers. Infotech’s founders have subscribed to two creeds: “People over profit” and “Treat people right, the rest will follow.” What truly sets Infotech apart is following through on those words with action, day after day, year after year. Their commitment to a culture of taking care of people – whether their clients or their family of employees – through whatever problem they are facing, became the foundation of their core pillars.



Infotech also believes diverse teams produce diverse thinking. Embedded in their pillar of integrity has always been a commitment to inclusion. They place emphasis on hiring, retaining, and developing individuals with diversity of thought, background, and aspiration – individuals who understand both the power of their impact and the multiplying effect of what the company can accomplish together. Their team of Infotechers recently surpassed 300 and they have no intention of slowing down as they continue to launch into the future landscape within their industries.

For Infotech Consulting, this means expanding their specialty areas, elevating their presence, and deepening their bench of talent, all while they continue the highest quality of work and client service. Woven into this is their dedication to their business philosophy, which is an amalgamation of respect for each other and each other’s work, diligence, and humor in the process.

For Infotech Systems, they will remain at the forefront of using technology to extract valuable information in the civil and infrastructure construction industry. Through investment in user-centered design, talent, and a commitment to open innovation, their plan for strategic growth centers on opportunities for new product and service development, partnerships, and integrations, allowing them to uphold their responsibility to their customers.

Gainesville is constantly growing and changing, pushing the limits of innovation through bright individuals who find a home pursuing their passions. Infotech is proud to be a leader in that push to reach further, create more, and discover what’s possible.

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Infotech Pillars

1 Integrity: Their commitment to integrity shapes their every move. It spurs them to forge strong relationships with their clients and coworkers, to give back to their community, and to work with those who uphold the same ideals.

2 Insights: From mountains of data came the insights that founded Infotech and from today’s insights they see the road to their future. They are a company of problem solvers, using insights to discover both problems and solutions in turn.

3 Innovation: An integral part of both their business and culture, they view innovation as a way of moving down a path toward their goals. They seek to innovate in their business strategies, their employee engagement, their company hackathons, and their sustainability initiatives – for which their building achieved the LEED Gold certification in 2019.

Whether it’s discovered during a conversation in the food truck line or during a game of table shuffleboard in the game room, what always stands out about Infotechers is how much they care about each other. From the Presidents’ offices to their newest hire, there is always an open door, a listening ear, and someone who has your back. Infotech believes people are better together – and they celebrate their differences and use collaborative teamwork to shift them forward. They see it every day; when teams intentionally schedule time to catch up; when the division wins are celebrated by the whole company; when Dr. Jim McClave tells a story about his family – all 300 of them – and it’s everyone’s favorite part of a meeting. Culture is what makes a company become a family, and Infotech believes theirs is one of the best in town.

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