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Growing Innovation Right Here at Home

Growing Innovation Right Here at Home


What To Know About Incubators and Co-work Spaces in Greater Gainesville

As the startup scene in the Greater Gainesville region of Florida continues to grow, so do the incubators and cowork spaces that help foster innovation and creativity.


From the UF Innovate | Accelerate at The Hub to the Gainesville Hackerspace, there are a variety of resources available for entrepreneurs and innovators to help bring their ideas to life.


GG has already had several big boons for its thriving entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem. In 2022, the Florida campus of Scripps Research was integrated as a part of the UF Health Academic Health Center as UF Scripps Biomedical Research.

“UF Innovate prides itself on building a business on innovation for the benefit of the whole world. It started with its Tech Licensing office in 1985, added the world-renown Sid Martin Biotech incubator in 1995, The Hub in 2011, Ventures in 2019, and Pathways just last year. Those aren’t just names of individual units. They are intentional, service-oriented resources that drive business and the startup economy in our area,” said Sara Dagen, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at UF Innovate.

The Convergence, located near Sid Martin Biotech incubator in Progress Park, is a new development featuring a mixed-use sustainable community with residential housing adjacent to high-tech businesses. Residents enjoy miles of adjoining nature trails, sports facilities and other community recreation amenities.


Fostering Innovation

The Gainesville Innovation District is a public-private partnership created to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the Greater Gainesville area. The district provides access to resources, including incubators and co-work spaces, as well as educational and networking events. The district also provides access to capital and mentorship opportunities.

startGNV is a crucial part of this vibrant innovation ecosystem. The organization is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and innovators access the resources they need to bring their ideas to life. With access to resources such as incubators, co-work spaces, educational and networking events, and mentorship, startGNV is helping create a vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial community in the GG area.



According to Tammy Dygert,  past director of startGNV, “We are proud to support innovation in our community – a community that is vibrant and solution-driven. So much of the growth of Gr

eater Gainesville can be attributed to the creative leaders at the helm of tech and biotech companies across Alachua County. startGNV is dedicated to the continued support and growth of innovation.”


startGNV is committed to helping entrepreneurs and innovators succeed in Greater Gainesville by fostering a vibrant and innovative entrepreneurial community in the area. With its dedication to entrepreneurs and innovators as the driving force, startGNV is helping to create a rich innovation ecosystem in the Greater Gainesville area.



Santa Fe College also has a wealth of resources available to entrepreneurs through its Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED). The Gainesville Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) encourages innovation and economic development by adding value and enriching individuals and organizations within the business community.


Located in downtown Gainesville in the new Blount Hall, the Center for Innovation and Economic Development (CIED) is an energetic and collaborative environment with 13,980 square feet of shared working space. The CIED serves early-stage startups across a broad spectrum of sectors like the following:

  • Traditional service-oriented businesses like catering and furniture movers
  • Training, education and exam preparation businesses
  • Technology-focused companies such as web, app and game development


Hives and Cowork Spaces

In recent years the GG area has seen a surge in co-work spaces, providing entrepreneurs and freelancers a place to collaborate, network and grow their businesses. This became even more evident after the pandemic, with entrepreneurs needing to reach outside their remote spaces to network. These shared workspaces are transforming the local economy by providing an affordable and flexible option for those who need an office but want to avoid committing to a long-term lease or purchase.


From private offices and open workspaces to conference rooms and event locations, co-work spaces are designed to meet the needs of multiple businesses. These facilities foster collaboration and innovation, providing entrepreneurs a place to network, grow their businesses and build relationships with other like-minded professionals.


Chasing Shadows opened this past September. It will provide memberships for $27 per month. Membership includes many perks, such as 15% off all services, 25% off photo print services and free workshops. See a complete list of benefits below.

  • Green screen
  • Teleprompter
  • Photography Studio
  • Editing PC
  • Podcasting bay
  • Live streaming studio
  • Backdrops
  • Lights
  • Footage


The Gainesville Hackerspace is a community-run coworking space and tech incubator. The location provides members with access to tools, space and expertise to help them bring their ideas to life. The venue also hosts various events, workshops, and meetups, allowing members to network and collaborate with other innovators.


See Also

Starter Space is a shared coworking space for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, located in Downtown Gainesville. Starter Space has launched several programs to enhance and support entrepreneurial initiatives in Gainesville. These include GatorLab, which tasks students to create a business within three months; Business Hatchery, a program designed for non-tech and social entrepreneurs; and Hobnob, a joint venture with the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce where Starter Space hosts a career fair.


Collective & Co. focuses on growing startups with the mentorship, resources, networking and environment they need to launch, fund and grow. Members receive access to an investor syndicate, customized curriculum and coaching, tailored mentorship pairings and full-service innovation services. Tenants receive access to the Collective & Co. space with private boardrooms, event space and podcast studios.


The growth of co-work spaces in the Greater Gainesville area is a testament to the area’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit. With more and more entrepreneurs and freelancers taking advantage of the low cost and flexibility that co-work spaces offer, the local economy is sure to benefit. From the creation of new jobs to the increased collaboration among business owners, the Greater Gainesville area is well on its way to becoming a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship.



Meet BYPPO, A Thriving Gainesville Startup

For Gainesville, Florida entrepreneur Victoria Liu, the goal of starting a food app was simple: to make it easier for people to get the food they crave at the University of Florida campus. After months of hard work, Liu launched her new startup, BYPPO, in March of 2019.

Then the pandemic hit, halting all events on campus. Liu took on the challenge, pivoting to provide GG restaurant owners with a way to showcase their menus online and keep profits up. Customers could order food for pickup or delivery from a curated list on the app.


BYPPO is a mobile food delivery application that makes ordering from favorite local restaurants easy. Users can access a list of local restaurants, browse menus, and place orders for pickup or delivery. The application also allows users to pay for their orders directly through the app.


BYPPO is designed to give customers an easy and convenient way to get the food they want. It features a wide selection of restaurants, including popular chains and local favorites. The application also offers discounts and rewards for frequent customers.


Liu is confident that BYPPO will be a great success and is looking forward to seeing how the app improves the lives of Gainesville residents.

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