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Cutting Edge Patient Experiences

Cutting Edge Patient Experiences

Cutting Edge Patient Experiences

Greater Gainesville offers a growing number of integrative healthcare and specialty clinics to address a wide range of ailments. Nowadays, there is more to prioritizing health care than just annual check-ups and doctor’s visits. Many people are taking a comprehensive approach and incorporating cutting edge treatments from leading providers. Patient experiences have never been better at these top-notch facilities:

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Pure Aesthetics Med Spa

Pure Aesthetics provides tailored treatments, aesthetic mentoring and ongoing education to help clients meet their goals. They offer an array of noninvasive services including chemical peels, specialty facials, advanced skin care techniques, hair removal and injectables designed to help clients look and feel rejuvenated.

For those interested in body sculpting, owner Carissa Blaser is a certified trainer for CoolSculpting®, which offers up to 25% fat removal. She travels around the country training other providers how to perform the non-surgical procedure.


Patient Experience: Melissa Beery, Pure Aesthetics Client

Seven years ago, Melissa Beery decided to seek treatment to maintain the health of her skin. As she approached age 40, she wanted to keep wrinkles, age spots, acne and other facial concerns under control.


“I had been very active in maintaining the health of my body, but somehow forgot to pay attention to the largest organ…my skin,” Beery said.


She tried several dermatological medical spas but did not feel comfortable. After a recommendation from a friend, she tried Pure Aesthetics.


“I fell in love with Carissa, her team and the overall environment,” Beery said. “They were so knowledgeable about how to treat the issues I was experiencing and gave me a routine that I could maintain.”


Beery joined their monthly VIP program and continues to look forward to her regular visits. She appreciates how they are constantly evaluating the latest trends in the industry. They only recommend products they themselves have tried and noticed significant results. She receives frequent compliments on her skin and no longer feels a need to wear makeup.


“They truly want to help each client look their best,” Beery said. “It is a warm, friendly, relaxing environment and I fully trust them with my skin.”



Kinetix Physical Therapy

Kinetix Physical Therapy treats general orthopedic conditions with a manual-therapy approach. They specialize in helping patients with spine-related dysfunctions, musculoskeletal pain, vestibular rehabilitation and auto-accident-related issues.


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Owners Dr. Melissa Cere and Dr. Tony Cere and their team of physical therapists have extensive training in academic and clinical settings to provide the latest scientifically based physical therapy treatments. They also offer sports specific training to prevent injuries in seasonal sporting activities, from golfer’s shoulder to tennis elbow to runner’s knee.


Patient Experience: Matt Kern, Kinetix Physical Therapy Patient

Critical Care Pharmacist, Matt Kern, first went to Kinetix Physical Therapy for vertigo treatment, one of their specialties. He was soon diagnosed with a stroke. His Kinetix team quickly changed his treatment plan and went to work to recover 100% of his deficits.


“They were encouraging and tailored my treatment plan to my goals,” Kern said. “They were awesome, and I built a strong relationship with my team.”


After successful recovery from the stroke, Kern learned the importance of early intervention. He returned to Kinetix for two subsequent injuries. The most recent was an issue with his right knee that made walking painful. He was unable to run, lift or exercise with his lower body.


After an evaluation with Dr. Mike McWilliams, ultrasound diagnostics with Dr. Scott Eddins, laser sessions and aggressive workouts with Physical Therapist Assistant Carter Meyers, he made a full recovery. Kern is now able to exercise, strength train, run, bike and row three to four times per week.

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