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The Cutting Edge — Modern Healthcare Trends 

The Cutting Edge — Modern Healthcare Trends 

The term “health care” encapsulates so much more than it once did. This expanding definition can now include mental and emotional wellness, health education and revitalization designed to last long after a procedure or treatment is finished. 

Many modern healthcare procedures are simpler and safer than they have ever been, thanks in part to innovations happening in our own backyard here in Greater Gainesville.  

Technology, medical technology and AI are thriving industries in GG, and local health care providers stay on the cutting edge of the latest medical advancements. The top four health care trends taking shape in 2022 are all technology related, according to RingCentral: 

  • Virtual and hybrid health care solutions 
  • Telehealth and virtual health care rose out of the pandemic and is becoming more fine-tuned in 2022. Virtual health care supplements in-person visitation as onsite clinics are rebounding. 
  • Widespread use of data and analytics 
  • An increase in data gathered by patients, devices and health care providers, which is better organized through continuously improving data management systems, means that innovation will accelerate, patient satisfaction will improve and risks will be reduced. 
  • A sharper focus on interoperability 
  • Better communication platforms and more seamless data-sharing technology will allow medical information to be more easily shared across health care systems, resulting in higher quality care across the board. 
  • The Internet of Medical-Things (IoMT) 
  • The Internet of Medical-Things allows data collected by physical devices regularly or constantly used by patients — think pacemakers and insulin pumps — to be remotely communicated to health care providers. 

Local health care systems are on board with these national trends. Through a partnership with multinational technology company NVIDIA, UF Health developed GatorTron in 2021. It is an AI natural language processing model that accelerates research and medical decision-making. GatorTron analyzes massive amounts of clinical data and draws insights from this data with unprecedented speed and clarity. To simply state the benefits of GatorTron, it allows medical professionals to access medical information much more quickly and easily. 

Hybrid health care has become widely implemented at both UF Health and HCA Florida North Florida Hospital, with online patient portals available through their websites or apps. 

MyUFHealth allows patients to access information such as test results, communicate with physicians, update personal medical information, schedule appointments, view future appointments and procedures and more.  

HCA North Florida’s app, MyHealthONE, makes it possible to access health information, grant account access to caregivers, sign up for classes or events such as hospital tours, find a doctor and schedule appointments. 


Specialty Modern Healthcare Trends 

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Specialty clinics on track with the latest trends are not exclusive to major cities or upper crust clientele, but rather are accessible to almost anyone. Greater Gainesville is home to several such practices, including Pure Aesthetics medical spa and Kinetix Physical Therapy. Each brings top-tier care to hundreds of patients each year. 

Pure Aesthetics offers an array of noninvasive services designed to rejuvenate, rather than alter, the beauty within each individual. Founder and Owner Carissa Blaser has stayed abreast of this blossoming industry. 

“I used to attend conferences and trade shows,” Blaser said. “Since things have changed, market research and a support system of reps keeps me in the know.” 

Blaser is a certified trainer for CoolSculpting owner Allergan and was the first technician performing this procedure in Gainesville. She understood early on the potential for this technology.  

“It’s effective and permanent. CoolSculpting offers up to 25% fat reduction without any downtime,” Blaser said. 

In addition to CoolSculpting, Pure Aesthetics offers other treatments that fill the gap between day spa procedures and more intensive plastic surgeries. Laser hair removal, HydraFacial for skincare and injectables all offer a holistic healthcare experience that keeps patients looking good and feeling better. 

Trends in physical therapy have also seen a transformation. Dr. Melissa Cere is the co-owner and operator of Kinetix Physical Therapy Clinic with her husband, Dr. Tony Cere. They opened the clinic in 2008 with the goal of helping people on their road to wellness. 

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Cere has recently noticed more and more patients taking a proactive role in their own health care. 

“They are seeking care from us sooner when feeling pain or when injury occurs, often before they have seen their primary care doctor for their condition,” she said. 

Cere has also seen a trend toward a comprehensive approach to health care. This trend minimizes medications and surgeries as the first steps. More natural and noninvasive treatments, like physical therapy, are being sought first.  


Holistic Health is Trending Among Seniors 

Speaking of a comprehensive approach to health care, holistic health care takes a well-rounded look at the patient. Not just physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual health are considered.  

There is an increasing interest in holistic health care among seniors, who desire its proactive — rather than reactive — approach. 

The Village at Gainesville — A Santa Fe Senior Living Community is staying ahead of the curve with this growing trend among seniors. They have identified five trends for seniors’ holistic health in 2022: 

  • Clear, personalized plans for improved and sustained health 
  • Lifelong learning opportunities 
  • A variety of health and fitness options 
  • Onsite health care centers within retirement communities 
  • Opportunities for socialization 

By Ryan Walsh 

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