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Why Greater Gainesville? Mary Wise

Why Greater Gainesville? Mary Wise


So much of a coach’s job — and success — is based on recruiting. How successful can we be convincing 15- and 16-year-olds (yes, that’s how early we recruit) to make the most important decision up to this point in their lives and choose the University of Florida? Sure, we recruit to our brand:

– Winners amongst Winners
– The best of both: Academics and Athletics
– Preparation for the next level
– Family Atmosphere
– And for the Northerners, we just might mention the great weather.

But, there is also one important piece in describing the UF experience and why it can be so special: Greater Gainesville. We tell the recruits and their families to choose UF and be part of a diverse community where sports is pretty darn important but so are the arts, the food and the environment. This is a community where you will WANT to return as an alum. You will enjoy seeing all that looks the same, but you will also enjoy seeing the changes in a vibrant community that is always trying to get better. There’s a reason so many former Gator athletes live in the region: We did a great job recruiting, but so did the Greater Gainesville region.

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It might appear that life in Greater Gainesville centers around the Gators, but in fact, the Gators are built around this community.

Now, will you commit?

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