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Vegan Vogue in Gainesville

Vegan Vogue in Gainesville


Vegan restaurants in Gainesville enliven plant-based dining scene 


Long gone are the days when non-carnivores were doomed to a tasteless life of culinary exclusion. Whether for health purposes or personal choices, plant-based diets are on the rise, and the vegan landscape is evolving.  

With its many dietary-inclusive dining options, Gainesville welcomes the vegan community. Local chefs are getting creative in the kitchen and discovering innovative substitutions for animal products in their dishes.  


The Top 

Located downtown, this well-known vegan venue has been a local favorite since 2000. The Top’s creative menu welcomes all dietary lifestyles, and its extensive bar makes this the perfect place to grab a cocktail before checking out Gainesville’s nightlife.  

Some vegan options include the seitan Texas cheesesteak, blackened tofu, delicious black bean burgers and decadent vegan chocolate cake. Diners can enjoy the eclectic surrounding indoors or relax on the outdoor patio. 

For more information, visit 


Curia on the Drag 

Situated in its own little hideaway off N.W. 6th Street, Curia on the Drag offers a charming café, food truck and Dad’s bar.  

The Curia café features local coffees and an extensive hot and cold tea list. Curia’s food truck offers a delicious plant-based menu featuring vegan favorites, such as the black bean burrito, falafel roti and the tempeh Rueben. Pair it with one of Curia’s house-made sides, such as the yucca frita with mojo or loaded tater tots.  

Curia on the Drag is located at 2029 N.W. 6th St. in Gainesville. 

For more information, visit 



Whether citrusy and tangy or bold and spicy, this build-your-own-bowl concept caters to every vegan craving. With Bolay’s fresh ingredients and creative sauces, the bowl creator curates their own healthy and delicious dining experience. Most choices within each section of the bowl building process are vegan, but a few meat options are available for carnivorous friends.  

Jasmine rice, cilantro noodles and baby spinach are some of the options to that lay the base of each customized bowl. A choice of fresh veggies is the next step, followed by proteins, choices of toppings and a sauce. With so many options and combinations, Bolay is a popular dining destination for the vegan community. Bolay is located at 2905 S.W. 42nd St. in Gainesville.  


Vegan Gator food truck 

With a passion for delicious plant-based food, this vegan food truck uses locally sourced ingredients for its dishes. Vegan Gator’s menu is 100% vegan and features items including the mushroom burger, cauliflower wings, the vegan cowboy made with barbecued jackfruit and the veganator patty melt.  

Vegan Gator can be found at their home location at 220 N.W. 8th Ave. in Gainesville on most days Tuesday through Saturday. Special events may take them to other venues, so be sure to follow Vegan Gator Food Truck on Facebook for more information. 


Karma Cream 

Beautifully crafted coffees, savory vegan sandwiches and various sweet treats make this trendy café the perfect hangout for folks from all forks of life. Karma Cream offers an extensive selection of organic vegan ice cream and baked goods and provide vegan milk options to accompany fair-trade coffees.  

Karma Cream is located at 607 W. University Ave. in Gainesville. 

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For more information, visit karma-cream. 


Cookies by Ash 

Rosemary chocolate chip, lemon hibiscus and French toast are just a few of the flavors exploding out of the imaginative kitchen of this local vegan bakery. Vegans, vegetarians and animal consumers alike enjoy Cookies by Ash, whose homemade concoctions have been flying off the cooling rack.  

Some of her classic cookie flavors include triple chocolate chip and oatmeal chocolate chunk. Behind every batch of cookies is not only a love for baking but a passion for sharing this culinary lifestyle with the community. 

These delicious creations can be ordered online through the Cookies by Ash Facebook page.  


For more vegan and vegetarian options, visit 



Written by Laura Parrinello 

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