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Town of LaCrosse

Town of LaCrosse

LaCrosse is a quaint, rural community, known as the “Potato District,” located just 15 miles north of the city of Gainesville, Florida. Named by one of its first settlers, the town was incorporated in December of 1897. Historically, LaCrosse is known for its agricultural scene and dedication to farming. The town itself consists of 4.4 square miles of agricultural farmland, used for vegetable and potato crops as well as cattle grazing space. The Packing Shed, a local hub for fresh fruit and vegetables, is famous around the LaCrosse community and visitors both for its historical significance and its modern utility. In addition to its agricultural endeavors, LaCrosse is also supported by its many small businesses around town.

LaCrosse residents and visitors enjoy the recreational activities offered by the town, including the LaCrosse Recreational Park and its amenities. At the park, guests can meet up and get active on the half-court basketball court, tennis court, playground area and picnic pavilions. LaCrosse also takes pride in its fire department, which contracts with Alachua County to provide rural fire rescue services to county residents within an approximate 86 square mile radius of the town. LaCrosse also takes part as a stop in a weekly bookmobile shop from the Alachua County Library District.

20613 N State Rd. 121, LaCrosse, FL 32658
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