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City of Micanopy

City of Micanopy

Named one of “the cutest towns in America” by the Huffington Post, Micanopy and its antique stores, small cafes, and gorgeous nature attractions have so much charm and love to give to its residents and visitors. Just south of Gainesville, Micanopy is home to 661 residents and a rich history preserved in its many antique relics. The town was founded in 1821, the year that Spain ceded all of Florida to the United States – it is believed to be the oldest inland town in Florida.

Micanopy is the self-proclaimed antique capital of Florida, so visitors with historical interests should drop by the Micanopy Historical Society Museum and its many shops. Antiquers come to Micanopy from all across Florida in search of treasures along Cholokka Boulevard.

For fans of the great outdoors, Micanopy’s Lake Wauburg offers paddle boarding, volleyball, swimming, climbing walls and more. Micanopy is also home to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, a natural park with bike and hiking trails as well as views overlooking wild bison, horses, alligators, deer and hundreds of species of birds. Micanopy’s Barr Hammock Preserve and Price’s Scrub State Park also offer nature trails and wetland areas for visitors to explore.

Micanopy’s small-town charm and vintage character capture the hearts and eyes of many visitors and residents each year, as depicted the town’s cameos in movies such as “Doc Hollywood,” “Cross Creek” and “Miracle Child.”

706 NE Cholokka Blvd., Micanopy, FL 32667
Joseph Aufmuth
352.481.2432 //

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