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Tempo Bistro To Go

Tempo Bistro To Go

The Center for Leadership and Service at the University of Florida created the Purpose 20 Awards to honor the contributions made to Alachua County by local for-profit businesses. These 20 businesses provide invaluable cash and in-kind donations while supporting the community with efforts in environmental sustainability, serving as role models for change within the community and encouraging staff members to give their time to local causes. All of this work often goes unrecognized. The Center for Leadership and Service hopes that by recognizing these businesses, we inspire others through their example and demonstrate that business is about more than making a profit — it is also about having a purpose to build a better community.

“Successful business is about successful relationships.”
– John Drum, owner

Since opening in November 2010, Tempo Bistro To Go has sourced local produce and products from area farms and small start-up businesses; this includes everything from artisan organic breads to greens, veggies and fruits, as well as baked goods and GMO-free organic tempeh and sandwich spreads. The company frequently provides charitable donations and gift certificates for local events and auctions that fundraise for community organizations. In addition, Tempo Bistro often provides donations of leftover foods to St. Francis House and Gainesville Harvest. The company is focused on teaching Gainesville about buying local and sensible sustainability. The owners and employees intend to continue showing the importance of minimizing environmental impact through the use of sustainable to-go packaging products, waste diversion through on-site composting systems and openness to sharing new business with customers.

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