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Start off the New Year with Innovative New Fitness Tools

Start off the New Year with Innovative New Fitness Tools

If I were in Vegas, I would comfortably make the bet that you, yes you, have either made a New Year’s resolution related to weight loss or would just like to recommit to fitness after enduring the cookie-filled winter holidays. You might already know all about cutting calories, choosing healthy foods and getting sweaty most days of the week. But do you really know how fun exercise can be? Probably not. I truly do love exercise, but much like the rest of the world, I need to be entertained. Fun tools keep me going, and I bet you’d start to enjoy your workouts a little more if you had as many options as I do. These are my favorites.

Gymnastics Rings: Hang them from a pull-up bar or some playground equipment and pretend you were just recruited for Cirque du Soleil. You can do pull-ups, elite push-ups, hang upside down, lower-body suspension training and more. These babies are commonly used by gymnasts, but are also popular with the military, cross-fitters and fun individuals like you.  Price: $35 on

Ugi Balls: These large semi-soft medicine balls are great for lifting, throwing and endurance exercises. They come in a variety of weights from six to 12 pounds, but all maintain a 15” diameter, which gives you the benefit of a big-sized ball. They can be purchased with instructional books and videos and come in fun colors (which makes me like them even more).  Price: $129 each at

Muscle Ropes: Also known as battle ropes, these things make me feel like a Roman gladiator. They’re rugged, heavy and really challenging to play train with. Toss them around or climb them for a completely vicious yet delightful upper-body workout. Prices range from $99 to $399 on depending on the width and length of your rope.

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Flip Flops Abs: This innovative fitness DVD offers three killer 12 to15 minute core training workouts that hit your abs, back and hips at every different angle leaving them dazed, confused, fairly sore and really hard. With a cast of six elite male athletes and an intense but happy instructor (me!), you’ll discover that the toughest ab workout ever put to disk is also the most interesting and fun. Price: $19.99 and available at

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