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Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce

Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce


The year of 2015 has been a productive one for the Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce. President Josh Blackford of Oelrich Construction began the year with a strong vision that he and his board of directors have worked hard to accomplish. The cities of Newberry and Jonesville are expanding and improving every day. There are constantly new residents, new businesses and new opportunities. The chamber benefits these businesses and residents by supporting their longterm success, therefore increasing the community’s economic prosperity.

The NJCC began the year with a fresh start. First, it launched a new logo that matched the innovative vision of the chamber. Next, it introduced a new website. The website now displays the new logo and the board members of the chamber who are working to improve it everyday as well as many impressive features. It informs visitors of the background of the chamber and the cities of Newberry and Jonesville. It discusses the purpose of the chamber and how being a member benefits not only you but your community as well. The site also has a calendar to show the events going on in Newberry, Jonesville and surrounding areas. Having a current and valuable website provides members with the opportunity to increase their search engine optimization. In a time when social media is a major part of any business’s marketing strategy, increasing web presence is one of the many ways one benefits by becoming a member of the chamber.

The NJCC has improved not only its presence within the community this year but also the number of members.

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The annual membership drive brought in approximately 30 new members. It was a great success, and the chamber plans to do even better in 2016. The goal for next year is to increase awareness of the Newberry-Jonesville Chamber. As it increases awareness in the community and member involvement, the chamber will automatically accomplish its main goal, which is and always will be increasing economic stability of the businesses within Newberry and Jonesville. Those who join the chamber benefit through increasing their search engine optimization, free networking opportunities, direct representation to local government and community involvement. For those who do not own businesses that are located in the Newberry-Jonesville area, being a member of the chamber still proves to be beneficial. Being a member of the NJCC expands your reach to the Newberry and Jonesville areas, and it also shows you care enough about Newberry and Jonesville to be involved in a group that so greatly impacts those areas.

The NJCC plans to accomplish its goals by having successful events that double as informative and great networking opportunities, increasing its involvement in the community and increasing the community’s involvement in the chamber through membership. The rising leadership team for 2016 is John Hartnett, of Endoscopy Replacement Parts Inc., as president and Julianne Raymond, of SERVPRO of Alachua County West, as vice president. The two upcoming leaders along with their board members and committees are very enthusiastic about continuing to move toward their goals. The chamber has great intentions and a lot of passion to accomplish them. The members are full of innovative ideas, and they plan to have great success in 2016. Change within the growing cities of Newberry and Jonesville is inevitable, for progress is impossible without change. The Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce embraces the change.

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