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Mobiquity: Fueling Gainesville’s Tech Boom

Mobiquity: Fueling Gainesville’s Tech Boom

Bill Seibel, CEO of Mobiquity addresses the crowd during a welcome party on May 8 presented by the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, Council of Economic Outreach and iG.
Bill Seibel, CEO of Mobiquity addresses the crowd during a welcome party on May 8 presented by the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, Council of Economic Outreach and iG.

Mobiquity, a multimillion dollar mobile tech services firm that launched in 2011, believes in doing business the old-fashioned way: by delivering value to its customers and creating jobs in America, particularly in smaller towns.

While many firms in the tech industry have moved to a model of reduced personal service by creating offshore development centers, outsourcing support services to foreign entities in different time zones, and opening satellite offices in large cities, Mobiquity has taken a different path, which is what led it to open its newest development center in Gainesville.

The Massachusetts-based company plans to create 260 jobs in Gainesville during the next three years, drawing the majority of its workforce from the University of Florida’s top-notch engineering and mobile programs. This will allow the mobile app firm to have a constant pool of talent while simultaneously fueling the city’s economy by increasing the number of professionals living in the area.

“When I visited Gainesville, I was impressed by the amount of innovation and collaboration in the tech sector,” said Bill Seibel, CEO of Mobiquity.

Seibel believes that Gainesville’s innovation culture, coupled with the low cost of living, will enable Mobiquity to convince talented engineers to stay in the area, as well as encourage those with other skill sets to relocate.

Fellow tech firm, Mindtree, influenced Mobiquity’s decision to come to Gainesville.

“Mindtree was very positive,” said Mobiquity Senior Vice President of Service Delivery, Andy Norman. “I spoke with them and liked what I heard.”

“Gainesville is a strong entrepreneurial city full of startups,” said Seibel. “I didn’t see that from afar.”

Another factor that solidified Seibel’s decision was how nice people are in Gainesville. The comfortable environment, welcoming attitude of the residents, and wealth of outstanding potential employees were in tune with the company’s philosophy of being a people-oriented business that employs only the best team members who will never let down a client.

“Always do the right thing for the client. Never let the client down, especially if you have a professional services firm,” emphasized Seibel.

Seibel believes that it’s that philosophy that has enabled the two-year-old company to experience such tremendous success. The company reached profitability in early 2012, and projects $35-37 million in revenue in 2013. By 2015, that number will reach $100 million.

“The key is geographic expansion, where we create offices that work with local leaders,” said Seibel.

To achieve this, Mobiquity also is looking to expand to the Midwest and Southwest, as well as Canada and Europe.


About Mobiquity’s Services

The professional services firm develops apps that change the way people do business.

“Mobile will comprise 34% of the economy in a few years. It will move from stand-alone to a core way that business drive innovation in their companies,” said Seibel.

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Mobiquity provides consulting and strategic planning to make that happen.

The company services a wide range of business sectors, from food services to pharmaceuticals. For example, it works with a major restaurant chain that has placed iPads at tables to enhance the user experience and drive customer loyalty, thereby increasing the number of transactions.

A pharmaceutical company worked with Mobiquity to incorporate technology into a smart pill taken by patients to diagnose gastrointestinal disorders. The app sends a signal from the stomach to a patch that is tied to an app, enabling physicians to determine the problem.

Applications have been created for use in medical devices, classrooms, and several other places where they may not have been used a few years ago.

Seibel exclaims, “The coolest thing in business is having a company that provides services that many people think are impossible!”

That challenge, along with his mantra for the way business should be conducted, are what have enabled Seibel to drive Mobiquity to success, trumping multi-billion dollar companies in their efforts to gain new clients and projects.

“We are chosen because of three things: 1) our experienced leadership team, which has the reputation of never letting down a client; 2) a value proposition that will help clients grow; and, 3) being a people-oriented business that only hires the best, most talented people to join the team,” explains Seibel.

The fact that Mobiquity chose Gainesville as a place where the company’s mantra would be enforceable says volumes about the city’s talent pool, business ethic and rise to become a hub for the tech industry.

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