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Jingle & Mingle : Unexpectedly Fun Office Holiday Parties

Jingle & Mingle : Unexpectedly Fun Office Holiday Parties

Jingle & Mingle: Unexpectedly Fun Office Parties

Will somebody break out the eggnog already?

After a long year’s worth of hard work at home and at the office, a well-earned holiday party is something everyone looks forward to.

However, the traditional idea of an office holiday party – cubicle décor and stale fruitcake – does not have to be the case this year. A unique, surprising and downright exciting office holiday party can end the year on a high note and leave everyone feeling refreshed for the new one.

For any workplace and every employee these unexpected celebration themes and activities will surely be a hit this season. Tara Blythe, the owner of downtown Gainesville’s newest bar, Kin, and Kristin Amron, owner of MixMaven Mobile Bartending, weighed in with their thoughts.

1. The Artist


Nothing brings a team together quite like a project – but how about one that has nothing to do with work?


“Your team can make an art piece as part of the holiday party,” Blythe said. “And they can display it in the office after.”


This out-of-the-box idea encourages creativity and harnesses the power of teamwork. Whether a collage, mural, scrapbook, or sculpture, a piece of artwork with the entire team’s contribution can be an exciting theme to an otherwise traditional holiday party.


Grab a paintbrush, pour a drink and let inspiration strike this season.


  1. The Drink Master


Looking to add a little competition to spice up the party? Amron suggests this tasty team challenge: create the company’s signature drink.


Start with a create-your-own cocktail class as a party theme. Learn to make timeless classics or devise new inventions to tingle the tastebuds. With all sorts of liquor (or nonalcoholic ingredients for those who do not partake), garnishes, methods and flairs, no two will be alike.


Then comes the contest– the partygoers compete to see whose creation is worthy of being voted the team’s signature drink. A little healthy competition never hurt anybody.


Specialty crafted original cocktails at Kin


  1. The Festival


It’s time to take the party outside.


Greater Gainesville’s Celebration Pointe has quickly become one of the hottest locales for a holiday hangout.


Blythe, chief people officer at InfoTech, has been a part of holiday parties thrown at Celebration Pointe.


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“It gives people an excuse to dress up and embrace what Gainesville is all about,” Blythe said. “Celebration Pointe is perfectly set up for parties like this.”


Surrounded by popular restaurants and bars like Spurrier’s, Hana Sushi and Prime & Pearl, this outdoor hangout also features a stage for live music and lawn games for entertainment.


This season, hang out with work pals in the cozy warmth of a holiday party unlike any other, surrounded by some of the best food and music Gainesville has to offer.


  1. The High Scorer


For young adults and the young at heart, this year’s holiday work party can just be all fun and games.


Plan the seasonal bash around a night of sport and game – axe throwing at The Hatchetbury or button-smashing at the Arcade Bar on University Avenue. Save the stuffy networking and polite conversation for the workday and compete with coworkers for that Pac-Man high score.


These venues, as well as many other unique spots throughout Gainesville, offer reservations for space rentals.

Reward the team with an office holiday party like no other, giving everyone a night to remember before taking on 2024.


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