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Health Care In Greater Gainesville

Health Care In Greater Gainesville

Greater Gainesville is a top destination in the state and the country for its multifaceted and diverse health care opportunities. Servicing everyone from children to senior citizens, from general care to specialized, the area is rich in resources and provides first-class care to those requiring it.  

UF Health Shands, HCA Florida North Florida Hospital and the Malcolm Randall Department of Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center are some of the top health care facilities in the state. UF Health and HCA Florida are both award-winning facilities, while the Malcolm Randall VA Center hosts unique humanitarian services through its partnership with the Gainesville Fisher House. 

Medical tourism, the act of traveling out of city or state to receive treatment, is a longstanding virtue of Gainesville’s reputation. With over 100 specialties, 13 locations, and 1,500 providers, UF Health’s top-ranking doctors and unmatched research programs make Gainesville a top medical destination for those in need. 

Perhaps most importantly, Greater Gainesville’s health care community keeps with modern trends and cutting-edge technology and techniques. Virtual and hybrid tele-health options are some of the more recent trends employed. Through apps such as UF Health’s MyUFHealth and HCA North Florida’s MyHealthOne, retrieving information and receiving medical treatment have never been more accessible.  

As the residents of this region well know, the future of medical care starts with today’s students. Santa Fe College is a leader in emerging technologies, offering degrees and certifications in many specialized areas of medicine, including Sonography, Surgical Technology, and Computed Tomography. Their dental and nursing programs offer both accommodating schedules and excellent job placement rates. 

Health care has an ever-expanding definition, and integrative medicine has come to be included. Integrative, sometimes known as holistic medicine, seeks to include treatments outside of general conventions. These can include massage therapy, acupuncture, yoga and physical therapy.  

Greater Gainesville is a diverse and open-minded community, and these alternative forms of health care flourish. For those looking outside of pharmaceuticals and surgeries, or for those looking to nurture the soul or emotions, integrative health care options are available. 

The community aspect to health care cannot be overstated. Fitness groups, annual races, and gymnasiums bring our community closer together. General wellness is an important aspect to health, and the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits from exercising with friends and neighbors are felt profoundly. 

Gainesville Health and Fitness is the largest gym in the area and was founded on the principles of community. For over forty years, this Gainesville mainstay has fostered friendships and promoted health and wellness.  

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There are specialized studios for everything from yoga to Pilates to rock climbing help people find their niche throughout the region, while nature trails and parks like Payne’s Prairie, Blue Springs and Sweetwater Preserve allow for outdoor enjoyment. 

Top research hospitals like UF Health Shands bolster this region’s medical tourism reputation. Career opportunities, fitness groups, holistic medicine and more are some of the countless other factors contributing to Greater Gainesville’s health care excellence. 

By Ryan Walsh 


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