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Generational Vision: Father-Daughter Duo Launch New Company, TriCoast Building Group 

Generational Vision: Father-Daughter Duo Launch New Company, TriCoast Building Group 

TriCoast Building Group, LLC, doesn’t merely enter the construction arena as a new player; it emerges as a testament to the power of family legacy and industry expertise. Established by Corie Patton and her father, Johnny Barnes, TriCoast is a certified provider of top-tier drywall solutions and acoustical ceilings for diverse commercial wall systems.

As a proud family-owned, Florida certified general contractor and nationally certified women’s business enterprise, TriCoast represents a vibrant new chapter in the construction landscape. TriCoast is dedicated to cultivating organic growth and delivering exceptional service to clients through a foundation built on quality, experience, and collaboration.

With over 15 years of experience, including serving as vice president of development for Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI), a prominent general contractor, Patton brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her strengths lie in fostering industry partnerships, cultivating strong client relationships and implementing sophisticated strategic plans to develop new business opportunities and grow existing relationships. Patton’s adeptness at assembling strong dedicated project teams to execute complex construction projects underscores her strategic acumen in the field.

Patton’s journey from her role as Vice President of Development at CPPI to co-founding TriCoast Building Group is fueled by passion, energy, and unwavering commitment. Brian K. Leslie, CPPI President, expresses immense pride in Patton’s career advancement: “We are immensely proud to support Corie as she takes this significant step in her career. Not only does this highlight the depth of talent within our organization, it also reaffirms our commitment to nurturing, mentoring and supporting our employees in their professional endeavors.”

“Reflecting on my lifelong immersion in the construction industry, from childhood memories of tagging along with my father on job sites to collaborating on impactful projects during my tenure at CPPI, I’ve been shaped by my father’s shared passion,” Patton said. “Our professional journeys have intertwined, affording us the chance to exchange insights on our current endeavors, the latest industry advancements, and more. I am looking forward to the opportunity to merge our distinct experiences and collaborate closely in this exciting new phase.”

Vinnie Moreschi, Principal at Charles Perry Partners, Inc., enthusiastically supports Patton’s new venture, stating, ” Having worked in tandem with Corie in our healthcare division for the past 15 years, I’m excited to support Corie in pursuing her dream of starting a new venture into the commercial framing and drywall industry. alongside her father. CPPI is honored to guide and mentor Corie professionally as she embarks upon this new journey. Corie is nothing short of a class act with an amazing balance of passion, energy and commitment for any challenge presented. Her ability to remain grounded in her core values is what guides her to always serve with excellence. We look forward to working with her for many years to come!”

Co-founder Barnes brings 40 years of unmatched and time-tested experience with a remarkable career as President of an ENR Top 10 specialty contractor. He has led many prestigious projects like the Texas A&M Kyle Field Redevelopment, HCA Medical City Plano Tower Addition, Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum, Denton High School, Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Parkland Replacement Hospital.

Barnes, with four decades of experience, has developed a stellar reputation in the industry.  Bruce Helm, President of Northstar Builders Group, reflects on their longstanding partnership: “I’ve known Johnny for over 20 years, and we’ve been fortunate to have completed numerous successful projects together. He has many great attributes, but I think his integrity is what stands out the most.  He is a man of his word and a person I enjoy being around, whether it is business or pleasure.”

His vision in leading legacy projects will bring unparalleled expertise to TriCoast. His forward-thinking approach, attention to detail, ability to methodically plan and execute complex projects has been instrumental in pioneering advancements within the drywall industry. As Clint Russell, Vice President at HCA Healthcare, aptly puts it, “In 2016, Johnny significantly influenced HCA Healthcare by introducing the potential of increasing prefabrication on our healthcare projects nationwide. Johnny’s commitment to his word is unwavering and you can trust him to deliver. His leadership helped HCA Healthcare expand our prefabrication program and was the foundation of a partnership between our companies.”

“Our journey is driven by a shared passion for creating meaningful impacts, both within our organization and in the communities, we serve,” Barnes remarked “There’s a special feeling in revisiting landmarks with your children and grandchildren, places that have not only shaped communities but have also become repositories of cherished memories forged alongside the hardworking men and women on the jobsite.”

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Aaron Scates, COO of Northstar Builders Group, underscores Barnes’ proactive and customer-centric approach, stating, “Few people in the industry possess the capacity to excel in their craft, while ensuring you the customer are fully taken care of.  Doing so through timely, honest communication in a proactive approach with your best interests in mind are uncommon and the true meaning of partnership.”

Together, these sentiments encapsulate the ethos of TriCoast Building Group—a commitment to performance, a dedication to our employees and community impact, and a proactive, customer-centric approach that sets them apart in the construction industry.

Their diverse backgrounds position them as a dynamic team that leverages Barnes’ seasoned expertise and Patton’s insights into the challenges inherent in aligning with the various stakeholders throughout the project. This partnership is dedicated to addressing and mitigating the bottlenecks that often impede construction projects. Fueled by a collaborative mindset with other trade partners, they will not only tackle challenges head-on, but will also propel projects forward, fostering efficiency and synergy throughout the construction process.

Patton said, “Our mission transcends merely delivering outstanding construction projects; we aspire to cultivate enduring partnerships internally and externally that will serve as a catalyst for the next generation of industry leaders.” Follow along as TriCoast begins a legacy in construction; contact us today to build the future, together.”

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