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CelebrateGNV, What a Hit!

CelebrateGNV, What a Hit!

We are so excited to report the success of celebrateGNV! The event was a resounding triumph, boasting a sold-out venue filled with passionate individuals dedicated to fostering innovation in the Gainesville ecosystem.

Thank you to all the wonderful attendees of CelebrateGNV for joining us at the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention! Your presence made the event truly special, and your enthusiasm for innovation and creativity was inspiring. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again at future events. Together, let’s continue to celebrate and foster innovation in our community!
Cox Business Innovation Awards
Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the Cox Business Innovation Awards! Your achievements and contributions to the field of innovation have set new standards of excellence, and your hard work, dedication, and creative solutions exemplify the best in our community. Listed below are the distinguished nominees, and underlined winners who have made significant impacts through their innovative endeavors.

Cox Startup Mentor of the Year:
Jennifer Harrell of UF Innovate | Accelerate (Award Winner)
Dwight L. Hulse of D.L. Hulse Consulting, LLC
Radha Sevestiver of North Florida Sewing Center

Cox Professional Mentor of the Year:
Tara Blythe of Infotech (Award Winner)
Mitch Glaeser of San Felasco Tech City 
Trenton Hightower of Santa Fe College

Cox Ecosystem Hidden Gem:
Steve Szabo of RTI Surgical (Award Winner)
Steve Kaufman of SJKPR 
Trey Womack of UF Engineering Extension and Outreach

Cox “Rising Star” Startup:
Cordelia Biosciences (Award Winner)
New Generation Productions LLC 
North Florida Sewing Center

Cox Tech Employer of the Year:
Infotech (Award Winner)

Cox Community Impact Company of the Year:
Loss Prevention Research Council (Award Winner)
San Felasco Tech City 
Your work continues to drive progress and paves the way for future innovations. We celebrate your success and look forward to your continued contributions to our thriving ecosystem!

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