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Empowering the Community One Patient at a Time

Empowering the Community One Patient at a Time

Helpful and meaningful outreach services for affordable healthcare.

By Deborah Holmen, M.Ed., NBCT


Greater Gainesville is home to several healthcare systems and organizations that work diligently to extend their services  to the local community. Through their generous efforts, community members can access specialized, affordable care and educational resources that benefit their short- and long-term health.

Mobile Clinic Bus

One of these charitable organizations  is the University of Florida Health Mobile Outreach Clinic (MOC). This mobile clinic bus delivers patient care to underserved populations in and around Gainesville. The MOC offers primary care and specialty services with the goal of providing a low-stress clinic experience for those in need.

Providing free and low-cost medical services, including diabetes, stroke and heart health screenings, as well as immunizations and more, ensures that those who are unable to access the city’s healthcare centers have the opportunity to maintain good health.

Medical director of the UF Mobile Outreach Clinic, Grant Harrell, said, “We want to equip individual community members and their families to be their own agents of health advocacy, educating themselves to manage their own conditions.”

“We have identified the hot spots in the community where significant healthcare disparities exist and worked with the transportation issue. So, we spend much time bringing the clinic to the people, like at the homeless shelter and downtown library. Ultimately, in the years to come, we’d like to be an active presence in our schools, educating young people on health literacy and promoting the message of good health.”
Street Medicine Program


Gainesville’s Homeless Outreach and Street Medicine

This program provides medical care and treatment to members of the homeless community. Through in-person care and remote outreach initiatives, the organization diagnoses, treats and refers homeless individuals seeking assistance with health-related issues. In addition, Street Medicine, operated by GraceHealth, works to maintain the health of its patients and decrease their homelessness.


Health Awareness Classes

HCA Florida, an award-winning healthcare system in Gainesville, also takes part in helping the community by providing educational classes and events. Through monthly health-related lectures and courses on nutrition, exercise, breast feeding and pediatric care –– as well as frequent events –– HCA Florida looks to increase awareness and knowledge of health within GG.

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Community Needs Assessment

Every three years, each of Greater Gainesville’s major healthcare systems perform Community Health Needs assessments that examine the health of the community. These assessments include:

  • Collecting data from local healthcare providers.
  • Conducting health screenings.
  • Gathering health-related statistics from within the community.

The information collected is used to evaluate, adjust and ultimately ensure that their programs fit the needs of the GG population. 

The healthcare needs of Gainesville’s residents are a top priority for local healthcare organizations. These organizations are committed to providing quality care and outreach services. Therefore, the community can safely rely on Greater Gainesville’s healthcare systems for necessary support and healthcare services.


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