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Dr. Tracy Leibach

Dr. Tracy Leibach

Professional School Counselor, Archer Elementary School and President/CEO, Cooper’s Corner Productions 

When Tracy Leibach was an adolescent, she was viscously attacked in the face by a dog. As she endured numerous surgeries and treatments, she went from a confident young woman with a robust self-esteem to someone who was humbled and haunted by life. She had to learn how to become a resilient, gritty teenager to overcome the trauma. 

Today, many look to Leibach for advice on some of life’s most difficult challenges. She provides resources for education, parenting, behavior and social/emotional life skills. 

The University of Florida graduate is a nationally certified professional counselor for Archer Elementary School and champion advocate for children and families. In addition to counseling students, she leads the school’s multi-tiered system of support teams, designed to intervene for students facing academic, behavioral and emotional disabilities. Leibach creates character education videos designed to teach ideals such as good citizenship, safety, respect, responsibility and cooperation.   

During the pandemic, Leibach started Cooper’s Corner Productions to serve as an educational resource for children and their parents. The puppet shows and related content she created were designed to help families adjust to their new normal. She was hired by DLUX Entertainment as their mental health consultant to contribute to their production “The Quarantine Time Machine.” Currently, as a life skills coach, Leibach creates instructional materials and courses on topics like resilience-building, emotion regulation, stress and anxiety reduction, internet safety, anti-bullying and test-taking strategies. 

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“I am honored to influence those around me with positive strategies that help our community function at a high level,” she said. 

Leibach strives to make an impact as the Mr. Rogers of this era – someone who fiercely cares for and empowers children. 

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