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DIY: Fall Craft Ideas for the Family

DIY: Fall Craft Ideas for the Family

As fall approaches, craft enthusiasts bulldoze their way into Michael’s and Hobby Lobby for that first knee-buckling whiff of cinnamon pinecones. But if the tradition of DIY fall decor is to continue, youth must be introduced to important seasonal life goals like well-carved pumpkins and small burlap owls with googly eyes. Thankfully, kid-friendly fall crafts represent a well-trodden domain paved by pioneering parents who insist on cultured children. Here is a quick list of popular fall crafts that will have kids itching to move on from summer.

Scarecrow coneheads

On November 1st, Halloween’s weathered stick fiends officially give way to the next generation of scarecrows—plump little fall guys with button noses who frequent local porches. This fall craft leans heavily toward the friendly side of things, and it looks trickier than it really is. Just follow this step-by-step video to the letter, and many a scarecrow head will be forthcoming.

Supplies Needed: Construction paper (lots of different colors) | Glue stick | Scissors


Painted leaves

Florida influencer The Mommy Spot keeps it simple with painted leaves for the especially small ones at home. This miniature project is as straightforward as it sounds: tape some leaves to a sheet of paper, hand the kid a brush, and let them go to town on those bad boys (i.e. the leaves).

Supplies Needed: Sheet of paper | washable paints (orange, red, yellow) | paintbrushes | leaves | tape


Thankful Pumpkin

Great Day Live’s crafting correspondent Amy Latta is brimming with crafty fall ideas. A fan favorite is the Thankful Pumpkin, both incredibly simple and rich with meaning. Basically, the family gets together and uses a marker to jot down what they are thankful for on the top of a pumpkin. Amy swirls the text around the top, but families can get creative and try other styles too. Particularly grateful families may end up with writer’s cramp.

Supplies Needed: Permanent marker (black) | a pumpkin | artificial flowers/leaves (optional)


Pumpkin Pie Playdough

Playdough smells better than it tastes, but that does not mean folks are lining up to sniff it—until now. Pumpkin Pie Playdough is the fragrant fall putty that kids can mold into classic Playdough shapes such as “the snake” and “lumpy sphere.” This craft will require heavy adult involvement to start, but everyone can enjoy the final product. No one will dare wash their hands after rolling this good stuff around during craft time.

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Supplies Needed: a stovetop | various grocery store ingredients


Mason Jar Fall Luminaries

This is among the more complicated entries on the list, but the final product is honestly pretty impressive for a kids’ craft. A little Mod Podge and some colored tissue paper go a long way toward bringing these nifty craft lamps to life. During the day, they have a distinct kid-made vibe going on. But as it gets dark out, stick a candle inside to see them totally transformed. Think soft glow from cottage in the woods.

Supplies Needed: Mod podge | mason jars | fall-colored tissue paper | brown construction paper | paintbrushes | small candles


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