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Cycling In A Studio In The Sky

Cycling In A Studio In The Sky

“Every area of the Adana center Santana will Hello ultimately be moved up to the most modern facilities possible. We believe that when all of the renovations are complete, we will have the model for fitness centers of the future,” Joe Cirulli said.

Following through on his vision, Cirulli, the founder of Gainesville Health & Fitness, unveiled the first phase of the GHF expansion. The extra 12,000 square feet gives the fitness industry leader the opportunity to debut some new leading-edge exercise technologies in our community. The first advancement is showcased in the sparkling new cycling studio.

Before the expansion, the cycling studio, located in another part of the facility, was short on space and high on demand. Members would cue for classes like they were waiting for a popular Magic Kingdom attraction at Walt Disney World Resort.  The new studio experience offers cycling enthusiasts plenty of space and a world-class, high-tech training experience.

The studio on the second floor of the new wing features vaulted ceilings. Floor-to-ceiling windows wrap two sides of the room giving the illusion that the studio is floating among the trees – a studio in the sky. Stadium-style seating provides clear views of the instructor, the projection screen and the great outdoors from any of the 50 stationary bikes.

During a ride, the cycling instructor uses a state-of-the-art Myride+ system to control music and forward-motion video. The Myride+ technology makes the instructor-led classes physically and socially more engaging. As you ride the projected terrain video changes to reflect the intensity of the trainer-designed workout. You are treated to more relaxing scenic views during the rest periods of your workout.

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GHF Trainer and cycling instructor Pam Harrison said, “A GHF cycling class with Myride+ is incredibly engaging. During more intense portions of the rides (workouts) the synchronized video and music encourages my riders to give a little more than they would have. So, they end up getting even more out of the hour they spent in class with me. I love it!”


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