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Break a Sweat! Greater Gainesville Residents Have Plenty of Ways to Get Out and Exercise

Break a Sweat! Greater Gainesville Residents Have Plenty of Ways to Get Out and Exercise

Break a Sweat: Greater Gainesville residents have plenty of ways to get out and exercise


Maintaining self-care means maintaining a healthy body.

In addition to eating right, focusing on mental health and getting enough sleep, working out is a big part of self-care. While starting a workout routine can be a chore for some, some look forward to getting in the habit every day. Like someone once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy.” Greater Gainesville’s optimal weather, numerous parks and trails, playgrounds and gyms guarantee there is no shortage of places to get going.


Working Out and Meeting Goals

Working out used to only mean going to the gym. While there are plenty of great gyms in the area, working out includes many different types of exercise and locals can easily find the right workout program to fit their lifestyle and interests.

Greater Gainesville boasts a host of gyms from CrossFit and athletic clubs, to yoga centers and martial art studios. There is even rock climbing. Greater Gainesville also has an array of unique fitness centers –– Gainesville Health & Fitness, CycleBar, North Start Fitness, and Yogapod/Apex Studios, to name a few –– that cater to the workout regimen of anyone looking for their own personal brand of “pump.”


Running Your Race

Miles of nature trails, pedestrian-friendly bridges and scenic stretches of hills and prairies provide runners, walkers and cyclists with views they will never grow bored of and plenty of distance to really get the heart pumping. Jog past sun-tanning alligators at Lachua Trail or bike amongst the stars on 8th Avenue’s Solar Walk.

Runners can partake in various 5- and 10K races held across Greater Gainesville. The Depot Park Parkrun 5k is a free, weekly race that brin

gs both dedicated track stars and casual strollers together. Join the 0.01% of the world that has completed a marathon with the Cupcake Marathon at Hawthorne Trail. The annual Savage Race challenges even the toughest of athletes, with obstacle courses and a muddy track thrown into the mix.


Exercise Isn’t Just for Adults

Kids love to get out and exercise too, and having physical activities for them is crucial for their growth and development. Groups like Girls 

on the Run Alachua County provide places for girls in third to eighth grades with the chance to connect with each other, get exercise and feel good about themselves.

In addition to running, i9 Sports provides a plethora of team sports, Swim America of Gainesville has year-round programs, and the KidStrong Program gets kids moving while working on brain and character development. Along with exercise programs and club sports, there are multiple destinations for martial arts, taekwondo, dance and other energetic activities.

Kids programs in Greater Gainesville make the area a wonderful place for them to get their wiggles out, while making friends and learning new skills like teamwork, resilience and setting goals.

Greater Gainesville, A Great Place to Get Moving

General wellness is inextricably linked to physical activity. Besides the obvious health benefits, exercise can be a calming, enjoyable experience. Endorphins released during physical activity act as both natural painkillers, stress relievers and promote happy feelings.

It does not matter when, where, how or why, getting out and getting active is always the right move. Greater Gainesville’s sunny disposition and accommodating amenities makes it easy, even when it is hard.




Annual Races and Events

  • Savage Race – Savage Blitz (3+ miles), Savage Race (5–7 miles)
  • Season of Hope Run – 5K, 15K
  • Depot Park Parkrun 5K
  • Trail of Payne 10K
  • LifeSouth 5 Points of Life Race Weekend — 5K, kids’ marathon, half marathon
  • Annual Jack Gamble Melon Run – 3 miles
  • The Cupcake Race at Hawthorne Trail – 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon



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“The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is… the pump.”

— Pre-governor, pre-Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger famously said this in the 1977 documentary feature, “Pumping Iron.” The film launched not only launched the Austrian bodybuilder to great fame, but also the gym itself, inspiring millions to focus on fitness and health.

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