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Community Contributions

Community Contributions

The University of Florida’s culture of caring extends beyond campus to our community of Greater Gainesville and beyond. Through its annual employee giving campaign, called the University of Florida Campaign for Charities (UFCC), employees have given near $1 million annually to charities serving the region for over a decade. Programs such as the UF Community Veterinary Outreach Program help shelter animals get the treatments they need to become adoptable, rescue groups get care they could not otherwise afford and veterinary students get hands-on experience. Additionally, the university is currently gathering input from the community to plan the long-term future growth of the university and the Greater Gainesville area.

$12.56 billion in industry output: UF’s impact statewide is on par with each of the following: the state’s trucking industry, its grocery food store sector and all home construction activities in Florida.

UF’s effect on the sunshine state contributed $7.83 BILLION to the state gross domestic product.

TECHNOLOGY LICENSING FROM UF Infused $2.3 BILLION into the Florida economy

Constituted 135,576 Full- and part-time jobs (direct + indirect)

Accounted for the employment of 10,600+

UF’S ECONOMIC BOOST TO NORTH FLORIDA Attracted 3.85 million people Who attended educational, cultural and health care events sponsored by UF, and spent $253M

For more information: UF Government Relations (352) 392-4574 or (850) 488-2447

100+ Preeminence hires as of May 2016

PREEMINENCE FACULTY “Each of these hires is exceptional in his or her field. Their combined talent has furthered the collective mission and vision of the University of Florida. Attracting more top-notch educators and researchers helps students and all Floridians who benefit from the breakthroughs that come out of the University of Florida.” — JOE GLOVER , UF PROVOST AND SENIOR VICE

PREEMINENCE RETURNS In 2015, the value of research awards to Preeminence faculty hires was more than three times than their paid salaries & benefits. $17.6M salaries and benefits. $55.3M grant awards.


66.7% Non-State sources 33.3% State sources

Major revenues to the University of Florida and affiliated organizations include:

HOSPITAL REVENUES                                     48.8%

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STATE APPROPRIATIONS                                13.1%

OTHERS LESS THAN $100M                            8.9%

FEDERAL GRANTS & CONTRACTS                 7.7%

NET STUDENT TUITION & FEES                     7.5%

GRANTS & CONTRACTS                                     3.9%

COMPONENT UNITS                                           2.7%

NET INVESTMENT INCOME                             2.5%

AUXILIARY ENTERPRISE                                  2.5%

SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS                                     2.3%

And Lastly : UF’s overall economic impact has grown despite the challenge of the recession, and with both direct employment and student enrollment remaining relatively unchanged at UF since 2009-2010. That’s ROI.

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