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Community Cities: LaCrosse

Community Cities: LaCrosse

Town of LaCrosse

Mayor: Dianne Dubberly

Town Clerk: Crystal Phillips

City Website:

City Hall Address: 20613 N. State Road 121, LaCrosse


LaCrosse, a small, tight-knit community, takes pride in its renowned agricultural heritage and is defined by a commitment to advancing farming practices.

In addition to its rich farming history, LaCrosse thrives as a community with small businesses that contribute to its vitality. Despite its small size, the local fire department for the Town of LaCrosse collaborates with Alachua County to provide rural fire rescue services to residents beyond the town’s borders. This cooperative effort ensures the safety and well-being of the broader county community.

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With its agricultural roots, thriving small businesses, dedicated fire department and nods to its historical significance, Lacrosse remains a close community with a strong sense of identity. It continues to honor its past while embracing progress and providing valuable services and amenities for its residents and visitors.


Parks in LaCrosse

  • LaCrosse Recreational Park
  • Cellon Oak Park
  • Monteocha Park

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