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Brunch: It’s Like Breakfast. But Better. 

Brunch: It’s Like Breakfast. But Better. 

By Ryan Walsh  

The automobile. The telephone. Modern medicine.  

These are counted among mankind’s greatest inventions. However, many diehard foodies and breakfast food connoisseurs may challenge that notion and claim that one invention stands above all.  

They mean brunch, of course.  

Ah, brunch. It hits at the perfect time of day – not too early, not quite noon. It combines a unique selection of breakfast food and cocktails– without the social stigma of morning alcoholic beverages. Few do it better than the brunch spots of Greater Gainesville.  

One such place is Covey Kitchen + Cocktails, located within Hotel Eleo at the University of Florida. This fine dining hotspot features an exquisite selection of delectable brunch favorites, fine-tuned to electrify the palate.  

Many of their dishes, conceived by renowned chef Andy Niedenthal, feature upscale twists to classic favorites. The Pappy Van Waffle, for instance, elevates the classic chicken and waffles by introducing fried quale and buckwheat waffles. 

Niedenthal, who has prepared dishes for movie stars and U.S. presidents alike, is an authority when it comes to brunch. 

So, what exactly makes brunch, brunch? “You want to have your egg dishes and your sweeties, but you want it to be savory, as well,” Niedenthal said. He cited Covey’s other brunch menu items as an example of this harmonious dichotomy, including the Coconut French Toast and the Shakshuka Eggs.  

The selection of brunch purveyors in Greater Gainesville runs the gamut from casual to high-end.  

In nearby Newberry is Capricious, a recently opened eatery with a comfortable, casual brunch vibe. Their menu, which skews more to the lunch side of the spectrum, includes options such as a double smash burger, black bean and sweet potato enchilada and tacos.  

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Celebration Pointe is home to Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille and some Heisman-caliber brunch offerings. The usual suspects are present: build-your-own-omelets, shrimp and grits and bottomless mimosa and bloody Mary bars. A closer look easily reveals the touches of the Head Ball Coach’s influence.  

For example, start with an order of Chicken and Wuerffels, named of course, for the University of Florida’s own Heisman-winning quarterback, Danny Wuerffel. Pair that with either a Pigskin Old Fashioned or the Hail Mary Bloody Mary. These brunch options and many more are served at Spurrier’s on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm.  

In the mood for eggs benedict? The Flying Biscuit on NW 16th Boulevard specializes in them. Served on one of their signature fluffy biscuits, eggs bennys simply do not get much better than this.  

Across the street is The Bagel Bakery, a place to indulge in a delicious meal and do a little good. The owner, Ken Rembert, is a strong supporter of fair-trade coffee beans, sustainability and giving back to the community. Be sure to tip when purchasing that focaccia egg sandwich – all tip proceeds go toward school programs and clean water initiatives for farmers in Guatemala.  

More than a meal, brunch is an occasion. Sure, the television is a great invention, but does it really compare to avocado toast and a cold mimosa? 

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