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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Greater Gainesville

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Greater Gainesville

Say goodbye to the ox and hello to the rabbit –– Chinese New Year is here.

This annual celebration, sometimes referred to as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival, is a very famous and much-celebrated holiday in China and East Asia. Marked by the first new moon between Jan. 21 and Feb. 10, this year’s festivities began on Jan. 22.

A new Chinese zodiac sign is assigned each year, repeating in a 12-year cycle. This year is the year of the rabbit.

To usher in the new year, common revelries include a dinner feast, parades, fireworks and the exchanging of red letters. Red is fundamental to the holiday. As the color of luck, it adorns all kinds of decorations.

To celebrate this global holiday in Greater Gainesville, discover some of the best spots to partake in the food, traditions and party.


Mr. Han’s Restaurant

An iconic Gainesville establishment, Mr. Han’s Restaurant has been satisfying Chinese food cravings for more than four decades. This eatery also features an impressive assortment of cocktails and mixed drinks.

With space to host private parties and receptions, Mr. Han’s is the perfect spot to ring in the year of the rabbit. Owner Alexander Han takes pride in the authentic food, buzzing atmosphere and caring touch at this local gem.


Yummy House

Few places in Florida are as renowned as Yummy House. Winner of multiple restaurant awards, the authentic Chinese bistro was even featured in the famed Michelin Guide. It was founded by John Zhao and Tommy Tang, friends from Toishan, China. Yummy House has multiple locations across the state, including Gainesville and Tampa.

Featuring a menu chock full of traditional Chinese favorites, a wide selection of dim sum and a dedication to high-quality food and service, Yummy House is an excellent place for a taste of Chinese New Year.

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UF Chinese American Student Association

For university students, the Chinese American Student Association is a society aiming to promote awareness and celebration of Chinese culture. While the association is for students only, all backgrounds and ethnicities are welcome to join.

Events are held throughout the year –– formals and semi-formals, field days, potlucks, socials and more. This year, a Chinese New Year show was held in late January.


By Ryan Walsh.

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